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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-Feb-2020Induced defence responses in curcuma domestica val turmeric against rhizome rot caused by pythium aphanidermatum Edson Fitz by prior treatment with biotic and abiotic elicitorsRadhakrishnan NBalasubramanian R
5-Nov-2020Molecular characterization of probiotic isolated from cows milk and its amelioration effects on colon cancer induced swiss albino miceBalasubramanian RNarayanan K R
11-Mar-2019Optimization and kinetic studies on production of biodiesel from industrial wasteBalasubramanian RSivakumar P
18-Sep-2019Production and properties of chitinases and#946; 1 3 glucanases and poteinases by fusarium solani mart sacc in vitro a biocontrol agent of groundnut rust caused by puccinia arachidis spegBhuvaneswari PBalasubramanian R
25-May-2017Security in cloud computingBalasubramanian RAramudhan M
21-Aug-2018Studies on biological molecules aminoacid nucleic acid interactions in relation to origin of life and analysis of protein conformationsRaghunathan GBalasubramanian R
8-Jul-2019Studies on chitinases of uninfected and rust infected leaves of arachis hypogaea LGovindasamy VBalasubramanian R
6-Aug-2020Studies on induced defense responses in Zingiber officinale Rosc rhizomes against rot disease caused by pythium aphanidermatum Edson Fitzp after treatment with heat killed pythium and salicylic acidVidyalakshmi ABalasubramanian R
13-Jul-2016Studies on polychaetes their microflora and bioprospecting of an associated bacterium lysinibacillus sphaericus of Uppanar estuaryBabu RBalasubramanian R
18-Sep-2019Studies on production and properties of N acetyl D glucosamindase chitin deacetylase and chitosanase of myrothecium verrucaria alb and Schw ditm ex tr a biocontrol agent of peanut rust disease caused by puccinia arachidis spegShanmugavadivu SBalasubramanian R
20-Jun-2019Studies on production isolation and properties of extracellular chitinase from acremonium obclavatum w gams an antagonist of puccinia arachidis spegGunaratna K RBalasubramanian R