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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Dec-2017Robust Stabilization and H control for uncertain stochastic fuzzy systems with time delaysSenthilkumar, TBalasubramaniam, P
4-Jul-2016Sanga agappadalkalil thinaimayakkamSomasundaram, MBalasubramaniam, P
4-Jul-2016Sanga agathinaik kotpaattu nokkil Tamil Malayala neithal nila novelkalSivamani, SBalasubramaniam, P
5-Jan-2018Stability analysis of fuzzy cellular neural networks with time delaysKalpana, MBalasubramaniam, P
3-Oct-2018Stability analysis of fuzzy neural networks with time varying delaysSyed Ali, MBalasubramaniam, P
3-Oct-2018Stability analysis of takagi sugeno fuzzy markov type dynamical systems with time varying delaysSathy, RBalasubramaniam, P
1-Feb-2019Stability analysis of takagi sugeno fuzzy markov type dynamical systems with time varying delaysSathy, RBalasubramaniam, P
8-Jan-2018Stability and bifurcation analyses of various mathematical models of infectious diseasesPrakash, MBalasubramaniam, P
2-Nov-2016Studies on approximate controllability of stochastic differential systemsMuthukumar, PBalasubramaniam, P
4-Jul-2016Studies on controllability of nonlinear functional differential systems in banach spacesLoganathan, CBalasubramaniam, P
1-Jul-2016Studies on controllability of nonlinear volterra integrodifferential systemsBalasubramaniam, PKandaswamy, P
15-Jul-2019Studies on controllability results of fractional stochastic integrodifferential systemsSathiyaraj, TBalasubramaniam, P
13-Oct-2016Studies on elliptic curve scalar multiplication algorithmsKarthikeyan, EBalasubramaniam, P
15-Jul-2019Studies on existence and controllability of fractional stochastic differential equations and inclusionsTamilalagan, PBalasubramaniam, P
7-Jul-2016Studies on existence of solutions of stochastic differential inclusionsVinayagam, DBalasubramaniam, P
19-Feb-2015Studies on fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces and their applicationsMuralisankar, SBalasubramaniam, P
3-Oct-2018Studies on guaranteed performance analysis for discrete time dynamical systemsNishanthi, DBalasubramaniam, P
13-Oct-2016Studies on solutions of stochastic optimal control problems for singular systems using nontraditional approachesKumaresan, NBalasubramaniam, P
8-Jan-2018Studies on stability analysis for discrete time dynamical systemsJarina Banu, LBalasubramaniam, P
3-Oct-2018Studies on stability analysis of stochastic neural networks with time delaysLakshmanan, SBalasubramaniam, P