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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Apr-2012On the synthesis and characterisation of magnetic metal and metal oxide nanostructuresVijutha SunnyAnantharaman, M R
20-Apr-2012On the synthesis and multifunctional properties of some nanocrystalline spinel ferrites and magnetic nanocompositesGopalan E, VeenaAnantharaman, M R
27-Dec-2012Plasma polymerised organic Thin Films a study on the structural Electrical and Nonlinear Optical Properties for possible applicationsSajeev U SAnantharaman, M R
28-Dec-2012Preparation and characterisation of spinel ferrites their incorporation in rubber matrix and evaluation of propertiesSindhu SAnantharaman, M R
18-Oct-2011Preparation and characterization of magnetic and non-magnetic nanosized spinel oxides, Nickel nanoparticles and Nickel-polymer nanocompositesJamal, E Muhammad AbdulAnantharaman, M R
25-Feb-2014Studies on the structural, electrical and magnetic properties of composites based on spinel ferritesMalini, K AAnantharaman, M R
27-Dec-2012Synthesis and characterization of some organic semiconductors and investigations on tile effect of Swift Heavy Ions on their propertiesSaravanan SAnantharaman, M R; Venkatachalam S
20-Oct-2015Tailoring Magnetic Properties of Co Fe Thin Films by Topographical Modifications Using Thermal Annealing and Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation and Fabrication of Magnetoelectric Multilayers for Device ApplicationsGeetha, PAnantharaman, M R
20-Apr-2012Template assisted fabrication of 1-D nanostructures of Nickel, Cobalt, Iron Oxide and Carbon nanotubes and a study on their structural, magnetic and nonlinear optical properties for applicationsNarayanan, T NAnantharaman, M R