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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Feb-2020Characterization of dhfr and dhps genotypes in field isolates of plasmodium falciparum and their correlation with gametocytesAmit KumarGahlawat, S K and Singh, Vineeta
18-Jun-2014Cloning, expression and functional characterization of plasmodium falciparum cysteine proteases (falcipain-l and 2): novel drug targetsAmit KumarChauhan, Virendra S
20-Sep-2022Colonialism and the Weaving Communities of Kashmir 1846 1947Amit KumarCharu Gupta
14-Dec-2020Comparison of Order Projections in Absolute Matrix Order Unit SpacesAmit KumarAnil Kumar Karn
24-Dec-2022Competition VS Co operation between ports in visakhapatnam A Game theoretical analysisAmit KumarM Prasada Rao
15-Feb-2023Defect states investigation at the interface and in the bulk of the organic and perovskite solar cellsAmit KumarRajiv Kumar Singh
25-Feb-2020Deformation of a poroelastic medium due to point forces and fluid point sourcesAmit KumarSingh, Kuldip and Sharma, Mukesh Kumar
10-May-2021Development and Performance Investigation of Diamond Based Radiation DetectorsAmit KumarAnita Topkar
26-Sep-2022Development of Growth Promoting Media for Biofertigation Using Sources of Green ManuringAmit KumarJoshi, G.K.
26-Feb-2019Development of Newer Analytical Methods for the Quantitative Determination of Eflornithine Hydrochloride as API and in FormulationsAmit KumarVijender Singh, Praveen Kumar
15-Jul-2022Eenvironment impact assessment as a management tool towards human rights in indiaAmit KumarBansal Pushpa Ajay
6-Jan-2023Effect of crop weather interaction on mustardAmit KumarA K Singh
20-Nov-2018Emergence of Production Centres During 16th 17th Century Under Mughal in North IndiaAmit KumarKalam Tabir
10-Jun-2016Employee as a tool for Brand Image creation A studyAmit KumarRishu Roy
25-Jan-2017Evaluation of pectin and vinyl imidazole_based poly_ionic liquids_ as lipase inhibitorsAmit KumarChauhan, Ghanshyam S
9-Dec-2022Experimental and numerical studies on flat structural panelsAmit KumarSingha, M. K. and Tiwari, Vikrant
17-Mar-2022Exploring novel pharmacological targets to attenuate memory deficits associated with Dementia of Alzheimers typeAmit KumarNirmal Singh
5-Oct-2020Female foeticide in India an analytical study of legislative and judicial trendsAmit KumarChuagh, Promila
7-Oct-2014Gandhiji ka shiksha darshan or vichardharaAmit KumarKour, Ajay Vijay
3-Apr-2020Geoecological study in parts of Kangra Region_ Himachal Himalaya using GeoinformaticsAmit KumarBenidhar Deshmukh