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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Sep-2018Effect of starvation on the physiology of fresh water crab barytelphusa gueriniSingh, Oinam RomendroAmbore, N E
28-Sep-2018Godavari river water pollution with respect to M I d c area NandedUttamrao, Deshmukh JayashreeAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018Hydrobiological studies and contamination of Pethwadaj dam from Kandhar District NandedMohanrao, Wadje MadhavAmbore, N E
1-Oct-2018Hydrobiology of freshwater pond at Dharmapuri in Beed DistrictBapurao, Sirsath DagduAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018Physiological aspects of digestion magur Clarias batrachus in Nanded DistrictM, Thorat MAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018Physiology of ageing in freshwater crab barytelphusa guerini H milne EdwardsMohsina, AsraAmbore, N E
1-Aug-2018Some physiological studies on the activity levels in sluggish and active fish a comparative study from Nanded DistrictVinayakrao, Pampatwar DilipAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018Studies on biodiversity and fisheries management at masoli reservoir in Parbhani District M S IndiaSitaram, Kadam MangalAmbore, N E
31-Jul-2018Studies on biological contamination of selected waterbodies from Nanded DistrictRamchandrarao, Surve PrakashAmbore, N E
31-Jul-2018Studies on hydrobiology monitoring avifauna and ichthyofauna of sendursena Dam tal basmath District HingoliDadarao, Shinde VikasAmbore, N E
12-Sep-2018Studies on some aspects on fisheries management of barul reservoirTasneem, SiddiquiAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018Study of some aspects of hydrobiology of alisagar dam waterDevi, Tummala RamaAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018The acute toxicity of mercury and lead Nitrate to fresh water male crab barytelphusa gueriniShivajirao, Jadhav SudamAmbore, N E
24-Sep-2018The acute toxicity of some pesticide on freshwater crab barytelphusa gueriniBhaurao, Deshai RajeshAmbore, N E