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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
16-Oct-2015Dissolution of marital tie by a Muslim wife: rights and limitationsWasim Ali, Mohd.Akhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015Domestic violence and human rights a socio_legal study with special reference to India and U S ASharma, VershaAkhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015Freedom of press and the supreme court: an appraisalAhmad, BadarAkhtar, Saleem
21-Oct-2015HIV AIDs and human rights in India: Socio legal challenge with special reference to the role of NGOsJohn, SiniAkhtar, Saleem
1-Oct-2015Implementation of CNG judgement and its impact on environmentJawed, SalimAkhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015Negotiating in marriage contract: a socio_legal studyFatima, TanzeemAkhtar, Saleem
21-Oct-2015The political parties in trade unionism in India a case study of inter_relationsKhan, ShamsuddinAkhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015Protection of traditional knowledge under new patent regime: emerging issuesDeeba, FarhaAkhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015Punishment conception in islamic criminal law system and Indonesian criminal law system, a comprative studyAriyanti, YulidaAkhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015A socio legal study of girl child labour in Uttar Pradesh with special reference to silk industry of AzamgarhAhmad, FirozAkhtar, Saleem
18-Dec-2015Supreme court of India on law of preventive detention 1950 till dateKhan, ShujaatullahAkhtar, Saleem
16-Oct-2015Uniform civil code: problems and prospectsAhmed, Mohd. ShakeelAkhtar, Saleem
23-Dec-2015Wild life protection laws_ a study of legal and administrative aspectsBaqa, HumaAkhtar, Saleem
1-Oct-2015Workers: exploitation and legal safeguardsZaheeruddinAkhtar, Saleem