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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Mar-2016Characterization of pec solar cells fabricated using WSe2 single crystals grown by different transportersVenkateswara Rao, VeeramachaneniAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Crystallization and properties of calcium molybdateBatra, Naresh MAgarwal, MK
11-Mar-2016Growth and characterization of tungsten sulfo selenide single crystals with their use in photoelectrochemical solar cellsVashi, Maheshkumar NathubhaiAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Growth and perfection of single crystals of TaS2Patel, Jashbhai VaghjibhaiAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Growth characterisation and photoelectrochemical studies of CuInS2Chaki, Sunil HAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Growth characterization and photoelectrochemical studies of intercalated doped molybdenum diselenide single crystalsGupta, Sunil KumarAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Growth characterization and properties of rubidium hydrogen tartrate single crystalsPatel, Atulkumar HAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Growth characterization of molybdenum sulphoselenides single crystals and their uses in photo electrochemical solar cellsTalele, Lakhichand TulshiramAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Investigations on electrical optical and photoelectrochemical properties of certain transition metal dichalcocenidesJoshi, Ravindrapal MohanlalAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Optical and electron optical studies of some MX2 type transition metal dichalcogenide single crystalsJoseph, BabuAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Some experimental investigations on the single crystals of layered tin monoselenide and tungsten disulphide semiconductorsAgarwal, AjayAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Studies on the microstructures and etch patterns of natural diamonds Volume IAgarwal, MKPauel, AR
14-Mar-2016Synthesis and characterisation of mixed single crystals of tin sulphoselenides and the use of a typical chalcogenide in the fabrication of PEC solar cellsPatel, Ramesh GAgarwal, MK