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19-Apr-2012Synthesis, dyeing performance and antimicrobial studies of some novel heterocyclic dyes and their chemical constitution with dyeing application on polyester fiberZadafiya Shailesh KhodabhaiMalik, G M
18-Jan-2013Application of derivative spectroscopy of unsaturated carbonyl compounds a case study of testosterone and its interaction with various speciesSunil KumarHarish Chandra
18-Jan-2013Theoretical studies on molecular designing of novel electrically Conducting polymers and biopolymers using genetic algorithmKapoor, VinitaBakhshi, A K
18-Jan-2013Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of Cyclohexane-1,2-diamine, Metronidazole, Curcumin and Thymol DerivativesBeenaRawat, Diwan S
3-Nov-2011Analytical study of pharmaceutical substances: method development and validation study: few case studiesKaila, Harshad OShah, Anamika
18-Jan-2013Studies on (2S,3R)-Tetrahydro-3-hydroxy-5-oxo-2, 3-Furandicarboxylic acid preparation of chironsNair, Rani RSaud, I Ibnu
15-Apr-2016Synthesis of and#946; cabiologically active 1 substituted beta carbolines bisindole alkaloid 7 8 substituted coumarin granulatamide a and formal synthesis of balasubramidePakhare Deepali ShankarKusurkar Radhika. S.
28-Feb-2013Transition metal derivatives of Pyrimidine2thione and related ligandsKaur, Parminder Jitn.d.
15-Apr-2016Enantioselective synthesis of hydroxylated pyrans pyrrolidine alkaloid and lactones using asymmetric dihydroxylation hydrolytic kinetic resolution and organocatalytic aldol reactionShow KrishanuKumar Pradeep
18-Jan-2013Studies on alpha- Oxoketene S.N.acetals and B Enaminothi ketonesRetnamma, SAsokan, C V