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21-Jan-2016Synthesis characterization electrical dielectrical and biological studies of some metal complexesSunilkumar Babaurao ManeSiddappa K
28-Jan-2013Polymeric reagents based on cross-linked copolymers of N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone and 4- Vinyl pyridineSreedhar, K.MPillai, V N Rajasekharan
8-Feb-2013The study on Geometrically and Electronically altered Metal complexes supported on Polymer MatrixVarghese, AbrahamPadmanabhan, M
10-May-2016Synthesis of sulfenium cation carriers their selectrophilic sulfenylation reactions dft and bioactivity studiesAhmed NizamuddinBhattacharyya Pradip Kumar and Bhattacharyya S.K.
11-Feb-2013Synthesis and Catalytic Applications of Titania based nanomaterials and their compositesBidaye, Priyanka PFernandes, Julio B
10-May-2016Evaluation of metal evaluation binding capacity of azomethine class of compounds electrochemical investigations on corrosion and their biological studiesShaju. K. S.Joby Thomas K
25-Jun-2013Comparative study on the adsorption of metal ions and dyes by low cost activated carbonsThenkuzhali, MMartin Deva Prasath, P
25-Jun-2013Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some selected organic substrates with Cr(Vi) compoundsRajalakshmi, KRamachandramoorthy, T
25-Jun-2013Ru(II), Rh(III) and Pd(II) mixed ligand complexes: synthesis, structure, characterization and catalytic organic transformationsUlaganatha Raja, MRamesh, R
25-Jun-2013Synthetic routes for the preparation of rechargeable Li-ion battery electrode materialsSathiya, MPrakash, A S