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28-Dec-2015Role of khadi and village industries commission in promoting micro enterprises in assamDas BiswajitBarman K. K.
15-Apr-2016An efficient synthesis of tetrahydroquinolines from a multicomponent imino Diels_Alder reactionKiran Kumar, H CMahadevan, K M
29-Dec-2016Studies on Development of Micro Solid Lubricant Coating on Cutting ToolsUMAMAHESHWERA REDDY PSURESH KUMAR REDDY NARALA
11-Jul-2016A study of organizational commitment in relation to occupational stress employees mental health job value and organizational climate among teachersSrivastava, Madan GopalSrivastava, Ramji
13-Jun-2016Biodegradable hyperbranched polyurethane nanocomposites for biomedical applicationDas, BeautyKarak, Niranjan
15-Apr-2016Investigation of the extracts of roots and stem of the indigenous Indian medicinal plant barleria buxifolia linn and synthesis of 5 12_naphthacenequinono _2 1_b_ and _l 2_b_pyran_4_one derivatives for their biological and pharmacological activitiesShivakumar, B SRamaiah, M and Vaidya, V P
25-Feb-2016Some novel approaches to object trackingSidram, M. H.Bhajantri, Nagappa U.
29-Dec-2016Structure based Design and Synthesis of Novel Akt Inhibitors for Pre clinical Evaluation in Lung Cancer Cell linesVENKATA SAKETH SRIRAM DP. YOGEESWARI, Srikant Viswanadha
15-Apr-2016Themes and techniques in Misr Al Qadima of Najib MahfouzSultana, HasinaBhuiya, A M
23-Dec-2015Evaluation of some medicinal plants for gastrointestinal disordersMahajan, Deepali C.Dr. Pratima A. Tatke