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2-May-2012Degradation and decolourisation of post methanated distillery effluent in biphasic treatment system of bacteria and wetland plant for environmental safetyYadav, SangeetaRai, Vibhuti; Ram Chandra
22-Apr-2013Biochemical and histopathological studies on Aeromoniasis in carp, Labeo Rohita (Hamilton)Satyalatha, B D JViveka Vardhani, V
11-Jul-2016Naturalistic theories of consciousness a critical study with special reference to David Chalmers and Daniel DennettSirajul Muneer, CPradhan, R C
25-Apr-2012Gujarati karoonprashasti kavita: ek samikshatmak adhyayan (ગુજરાતી કરુણપ્રશસ્તિ કવિતા: એક સમીક્ષાત્મક અધ્યયન)Trada, Menaben (ત્રાડા, મેનાબેન)Jani, Balwant S (જાની, બળવંત એસ)
20-Apr-2012Economic reforms, WTO and India’s Exports: an analysisSingh, KulwinderGill, Sucha Singh; Brar, Jaswinder Singh
20-Apr-2012State, market and utilization pattern of health services: a study of PunjabKush, KumarSingh, Sukhwinder
8-Jan-2016Effect of selected physical training methods on selected performance variables anthropometric and physiological characteristics among tribal and non_tribal school boysDas, AtanuAdhikari, Hiralal
18-Apr-2012Effect of some alien Invasive plant species on soil microbial structure and functionRasool, NazimaWafai, B A; Reshi, Zafar A
13-Jun-2016Synthesis structure and bioactivity of pyrimidine derivatives and development of some synthetic methodsDas, SubrataThakur, Ashim Jyoti
24-Apr-2012Investigations on Staphylococcal Protein A and Immunoglobulin G3 Allotype Gene Polymorphism in Mastitic Cattle and BuffaloesRavinder KumarSingh, R S; Yadav, B R