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4-Feb-2011Aadhunik hindi kahani ka samajshastriy adhyayan (आधुनिक हिंदी कहानी का समाजशास्त्रिय अध्ययन)Beena, P J (बीना, पी जे)Aravindakshan, A (अरविंदाक्षण, ऐ )
4-Nov-2011An advance study of covariance structureManek, Viren BBhimani, G C
4-Nov-2011An experimental study of the impact of clinical hypnosis on self-concept and self-esteem of school going childrenPrashnani, Jignesh VParekh, Suresh C
4-Nov-2011Some contribution of operations research in profitable farm managementMehta, Kausha TGhosh, D K
3-Nov-2011Criteria for talent selection in Judo, Table- Tennis and Badminton on the basis of dermatologyphic parametersBasumatary, BiswajitVerma, J P
3-Nov-2011Assessment of gender difference on aggression, anxiety and achievement motivation among sports persons from different sportsRazia, K IBrar, T S
2-Nov-2011Selected physiological characteristics of junior women Basketball playersGaur, KalpanaDey, R N
3-Nov-2011Analytical study of pharmaceutical substances: method development and validation study: few case studiesKaila, Harshad OShah, Anamika
3-Nov-2011A study of the effect of specific training on the physical fitness and standard of game of national level volleyball playersVala, Hamirsinh LJoshi, Alkabahen K
2-Nov-2011Comparative effect of traditional physical education programme and movement education on self concept of school boys and girlsSharma, Vinod BalaSidhu, Avinash