FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)        

1) What is Urkund?

Ans: URKUND is a completely automated system against plagiarism (Anti-plagiarism software) and is being successfully used at universities and colleges all around the world. URKUND's system checks all documents against three central source areas:
          a. The Internet
          b. Published material such as Journals, Books etc.
          c. Previously submitted student material (e.g. memoranda, case studies and examination works)

2) How Urkund works?

Ans: URKUND never determines what a plagiarism is, but Urkund compares textual similarity and subject similarity. The reports generated by Urkund to your teachers consist, in the event of its finding similarities, of a text comparison. Urkund marks your document that are similar to other sources, in URKUND's archives, on the Internet and in published material, and give the teacher access to the original material where Urkund have found the similarity.
For details: (http://static.urkund.com/manuals/URKUND_Plagiarism_Handbook_EN.pdf).

3) How to get Urkund account for my University/Institution?

Ans:Universities who have signed MoU with INFLIBNET Centre, which come under section 12(B)/2f of UGC Act and eligible for funding from UGC, will be getting the software free of cost from INFLIBNET Centre.

4) How to get Urkund account for private Universities or Universities which are not eligible for funding from UGC?

Ans:Universities such as private, which are not eligible for grants from UGC, may contact M/s. eGalactic for placing the order directly for getting access of Urkund software. The price benefit of the product negotiated by the INFLIBNET are extended to those universities which have signed MoU with INFLIBNET Centre.

5) If my University/Institution comes under section 12(B)/2f of UGC Act then how to get an account?

Ans:University Coordinators who are recommended for managing Anti plagiarism software by the University will receive an invitation mail from noreply@urkund.se.
Once the Account is created:
          - The system will create an analysis address for each of the account eg. manoj.Inflib@analysis.urkund.com
          - The system will send the user an email with this analysis address and also a link to allow them to create a user account. The link is available for 48 hours and hence the new members need to complete the registration within 48 hours.
          - In order to test the document, user can email to the analysis address contained in their registration email or upload through the user account. Results once generated will be mailed to the mail address. Once successful, you can enter into your Dashboard for managing the submissions.

6) What file formats are supported by URKUND?

Ans:URKUND supports the following file formats
          .doc, .docx, .sxw, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, .wps, .odt

7) What is the document limits to be submitted?

Ans:Every document submitted for plagiarism check will be treated as a separate document. Documents containing more than 400,000 characters will be considered as more than one document (actual number to be calculated using multiples of 400,000 characters, so 800,001 characters would be 3 documents).

8) How to create University Coordinators' account in Urkund?

Ans:Account for the University coordinators cannot be added by UC now, but university may recommend the (University name, state, name of person, email id, phone no) perspective users to M/s. eGalactic (support@egalactic.in, egalactic@gmail.com.) with a copy to INFLIBNET Centre (shodhganga@inflibnet.ac.in).The accounts will be created within one business day by eGalactic.

9) How to submit documents in Urkund?

Ans:Every submitter i.e. students, researchers, faculty or university coordinator must have an account in Urkund. Students can register and get an id (Please refer Q-13). There are three ways for submitting the documents in Urkund
          a. Using Urkund via e-mail to any analysis address (manoj.Inflib@analysis.urkund.com)
          b. An additional way of submitting: Students at universities and colleges are also able to upload files to their professors via www.urkund.com. In order to test the document, user can email to the analysis address (manoj.Inflib@analysis.urkund.com) contained in their registration email or            upload through the user account. Results once generated will be mailed to the mail address.
          c. Once successful, user can enter into their Dashboard for managing the submissions.

10) I have received two email addresses for my Account what are these?

Ans:After an account is created you will receive two email ids one is like your general email id like:
manoj@inflibnet.ac.in. and another one is an Analysis address like manoj.Inflib@analysis.urkund.com. First one is for login the account and second one is for uploading the documents issued to the faculty/teachers/university coordinators etc. recommended by INFLIBNET Centre.

11) I got an e-mail stating that my document has been "excluded as a future source". What is that?

Ans:When you submit a document to an URKUND address, you automatically receive a confirmation e-mail in return. This e-mail contains a link that you may click to exclude your document from being a future source in URKUND for educational organisations other than your own. If you click this link you get another letter confirming your choice.

12) How to get support if there is any problem?

Ans:For creating the user account, the link for the user guide is http://urkund.com/en/support. The following user guide would be required for accessing Urkund.
          - For administration refer to URKUND Admin Guide from the above link - The document has all the details that would be needed as an administrator – method of submitting documents, adding faculty, inbox, report, analysis, etc.
          - For the user (faculty / teachers) refer to URKUND Quickstart Guide from the above link. http://static.urkund.com/manuals/URKUND_Userguide.pdf.
          - For dealing with documents that have been sent through twice, please follow: http://static.urkund.com/manuals/URKUND_Master_Class_-_Duplicates_EN.pdf/

13) I am a Research Scholar/Student how I can check my content?

Ans:On Urkund Login page students get the link for Create account for document upload (STUDENTS). With the help of this link students can create an account by simply filling a form and giving an email id through which students can only submit the documents. Moreover students can only upload the document; they have no rights to see the reports until and unless it is being shared by the faculty. Students can also email their document to the analysis address given to them by their professor.

14) How can I customise my Urkund Account?

Ans:Once you login to URKUND on the main dashboard there is an option for 'Settings' through which, you can customise the account by using various options like Language, include the document in URKUND archive or by filtering sources out of future searches. It is not recommended that sources are removed from future searches.

15) All Urkund accounts (user & faculty) are in control of university coordinator of particular University?

Ans:Yes, in order to create accounts user need to contact University Coordinator and UC will send across the details in the attached excel sheet to support@egalactic.in and the user id will be created within one business day.

16) The report breaks text into many phases or does not show whole text and in whole text similarity text.

Ans:URKUND allows the user to click and sequentially go to the copied text and agree and disagree whether it is copied and accordingly exclude the source from the top to get the final result.

17) Is there any exclusion provision for the content in Urkund? For example I have applied MLA style, APA style in text but this software not recognized any style. How we may satisfy our scholar if they quote any text of other author or from websites with link/references.

Ans:Pre exemption of content is not permitted but filtering option is available for URL. There is also an option on the report to highlight the content with quotes, however the same could not be eliminated since this gives an opportunity to bypass the complete system. With the highlight the faculty has the option of deciding whether the content is a copied content or the original content.

18) I have submitted my work to my teacher but I have not yet received a confirmation.

Ans:The normal delivery time for confirmation e-mails is approximately 5 minutes as the e-mail message and the document will undergo a series of checks before it is approved. In certain circumstances this might take longer; the email receipt might not reach the sender or not be sent at all. If you have not received a confirmation email within 20 minutes do the following:
          - First, check that the e-mail was sent to the correct analysis address and that it had an attachment
          - Check URKUND operation information
          - Contact URKUND helpdesk/eGalactic
NB: Note that if you use Microsoft Hotmail or Google Gmail, these clients may turn attached documents into download link instead and thus no actual file is sent to us. Both of these clients are still able to send files as usual, but you may want to check that they do not have automatic settings for this.

19) Why does URKUND say that my paper/essay is plagiarized?

Ans:In the different URKUND interfaces, percentages and colours are displayed to the reviewer, but none of these mean, under any circumstances, that we say that a document contains plagiarised text. What URKUND does is to show similarities between the submitted text and the sources that are indexed and these similarities that may have come from quotations used perfectly correctly are to be judged by the reviewing teacher or examiner - who then proceeds according to the rules and regulations that apply to your own organisation.

20) Do I have to install anything on my computer to use URKUND?

Ans:No, but browser and email provision should be there.

21) If I clicked the link in the confirmation email and excluded my document by mistake, is there any way to rectify this?

Ans:Yes, click the link in the confirmation e-mail again. This will restore the previous status of your document.

22) My teacher/Professor has informed me that he/she hasn't received any document from me even though I have received a confirmation e-mail from URKUND.

Ans:Possible explanations:
          a. You might have sent your document to a different teacher/Professor's analysis address. Check the address you entered in your e-mail.
          b. Your teacher might have lost your document. Your teacher will however always be able to access your document through his/her personal web based inbox for URKUND mail available at www.urkund.com
          c. An error might have occurred on the way between URKUND and your teacher/Professor. Show your confirmation e-mail to him/her and ask them to contact URKUND support and we will assist further.

23) Is it possible to use several different e-mail addresses when submitting new updated versions of a document?

Ans:Yes, but the Analysis will indicate hits in your previous versions. Avoid this if possible.

24) I have sent the wrong version of my document to my teacher/Professor. Is there any way for URKUND of stopping it so I can submit the correct version?

Ans:Unfortunately no. URKUND is completely automated and a document that has entered the system cannot be stopped before it has been delivered. We suggest you talk to your teacher/Professor and explained what has happened.

25) How much Percentage (%) of copied content is permitted in a document for plagiarism check?

Ans:INFLIBNET Centre or Urkund do not recommend any percentage (%). The criteria depends on Guide and University. The software will report even the cited content or quotation as plagiarised content in the similarity report.

26) How do University Coordinators' add Additional Account in Urkund?

Ans:Additional Account for the University Faculty or Guide cannot be added by University Coordinators' now, but they how to send details of users in Excel Format to M/s. eGalactic (support@egalactic.in, egalactic@gmail.com.) with a copy to INFLIBNET Centre (shodhganga@inflibnet.ac.in).The accounts will be created within one business day by eGalactic.
Excel Format : Faculty Addition Account Format