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24-May-2017Study of food and feeding habits of some teleost fishes in relation to their functional digestive morphology from aurangabad regionPhulwade, Durgesh NemichandSonawane, Smita R.
23-May-2017To study effect of pesticides on enzymatic activities and behavior in earthworm from nashik districtYeole, Ashok KisanBabare. Mohan. G.
19-May-2017A study of digistive physiology of the freshwater prawn macrobrachium kistnensisNilawar, Pushpa D.Nagabhushanam
8-May-2017Biology of chanda ranga Hamilton BuchananJabde, P. VJadhav, P .G
2-May-2017Studies on plant parasitic and soil nematodesThombre, B.P.Farooqui, M.N.
2-May-2017Studies on the effects of organophosphate pesticides on the reproduction of the crab Scylla serrataSharma, Hari AjaneyaNagbhushanam, R.
2-May-2017Studies on cestode parasites of vertebrates from beedTat, Manik BajiraoJadhav, B.V.
2-May-2017Studies on some protozoan parasites of fishesPokale, Sandeep. Sarjerao.Nikam, S.R.
2-May-2017Studies of some protozoan parasites of medical importanceShaikh, Julfikar Mohd, DastgirNikam, S.R.
2-May-2017Studies on cestode parasites of vertebrates from jalgaon district maharashtra statePatel, Nisar G.Shinde, G.B.
2-May-2017Morphological and Biochemical Studies Of Hemocytes From Fresh water Crab Bary Telphsa CunicutariesAbraham, Superna A.Khan, A.K.
2-May-2017Studies on impact of key parasitioids on helliothis armigera hubnerPandit, Radhakrishna S.Nikam, P.K.
2-May-2017Biology of fresh water mussel parreysia corrugataLomte, V.S.Nagbhushanam, R.
2-May-2017Impact of pollutants on some physiological aspects of fresh water bivalve corbiculastraiatellaJadhav, Sunita M.Lomte, V.S.
1-May-2017Effect of some pollutants on the reproduction in crustsceanDeshapnde, Jaya R.Nagabhushanam, R,
1-May-2017Ecobiological studies and population dynamics of helminth parasites of some marine water fishesChinte, Dnyanesh .N.Hiware, C.J.
1-May-2017Effect of Cadmium Cholride on the Physiology of Freshwater Prawn Macrbrachium KistnensisBrahmapurikar, Pradeep B,Nagabhushanam, R,
20-Apr-2017Studies on some aspects of physiology of indoplanorbisVaidya ,Dilip P
19-Apr-2017Studies on taxonomy of gall midges itoonididee dipterafrom marathwadaSharma ,Radheshyam M
19-Apr-2017Biological studies in indian pulmonate snail lymnaeaAzamatunnisa QuaziNagbhushanam
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 655