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17-Feb-2017Assessing heavy metal accumulating capacities of plants for the management of fly ash and sewage sludge disposalsRamoji GSrinivas N
13-Apr-2018Large graph mining approach for cluster analysis to identify critical components within the water distribution systemSanthi, S V SPadmaja, Poosapati
13-Apr-2018Development and validation of analytical methods for determination of genotoxic impurities in some acitive pharmaceutical ingredients using GC and LC techniquesPinnenti, Murali KrishnaRao, Vaikunta L
17-Feb-2017Corrosion and heat transfer characteristics of water dispersed with carboxylate additives and multi walled carbon nano tubesMoorthy, Ch V K N S NSrinivas, V and Rao, D Prasada
17-Feb-2017A QbD based approach to analytical method development and validation for the determination of selective drugs using hplc techniqueRao, G Vishnu VardhanaRamakrishna, K
17-Feb-2017Electron beam radiation technology for sewage water treatmentHossain, KaizarMaruthi, Avasn Y
17-Feb-2017Studies on monitoring and assessment of road traffic noise in urban and industrial areasKalluri, Venkata Dharmendra KumarSrinivas N
17-Feb-2017Development and validation of analytical methods for the determination of some drugs in human plasmaSrirama Murthy, PRama Krishna, K
13-Apr-2018Development and characterization of hybrid aluminium metal matrix composites using aluminium oxide and red mudQuader, Mujeeb SMurthy, Suryanarayana B and Reddy, Ravinder P
13-Apr-2018Design of fractal array antennas using concentric elliptical ring subarray geometric methodology for celestial communicationsPonnapalli, Sankar V AJayasree, P V Y