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18-Dec-2013Pharmacognostic, pharmacological and antioxidant studies on three vigna genus plantsAnjana Male, K V L S NGangarao, B; Satyanarayana, T
18-Dec-2013Studies on role of CB1 Cannabinoid receptors in experimental diabetic neuropathy in ratsJayarami, Reddy MedapatiGirija Sankar, G; Annapura, A
29-Oct-2014Quantitative determination of active pharmaceutical ingredients, related substances and organic and polymorphic impurities in pharmaceutical formulations by liquid chromatography and near infrared spectroscopySrinivas, M S SRajendra Prasad, Y and Sastry, B S
7-Nov-2013Development and evaluation of taste masked orally disintegrating tablets (ODTS) and dry syrups of fluoroquinolone class drugsPrasad, Ayya RajendraVijaya Ratna, J
7-Nov-2013Development and validation of new RP HPLC methods for the estimation of some selected drugs in their pharmaceutical dosage formsDevanaboyina, NarendraGanga Rao, B; Satyanarayana, T
18-Dec-2013Studies on anti-hyper lipeidemic and anti-athereoslerotic activities of selected Indian meidicinal plantsGeetha, KodaliGanapaty, S
18-Dec-2013Investigation of Pharmacological activities, formulations of liposomes and pharmacokinetic studies of lignans from aerial parts of Phyllanthus AmarusMadhukiran, ParvathaneniGanga Rao, B
18-Dec-2013Synthesis biological and computational evaluation of some new chalcones and pyrazolines as potential and microbialParala, Venkateshwara RaoRajendra Prasad, Y
18-Dec-2013Studies on cerebroprotective potential of pyrimidines in global ischemia reperfusion induced cerebral infarction in ratsMurthy, B V S NAnnapurna, A
18-Dec-2013Studies on cerebroprotective potential of resveratrol through antioxidant and antiinflammatory mechanisms in ratOrsu, PrabhakarAnnapurna, A