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18-Dec-2013Marketing strategies in banking sector: a comparative study of selected public and private banksRaja Ram Ambedkar GujjuKrishna Mohan, V
18-Dec-2013Synthesis biological and computational evaluation of some new chalcones and 1,5 Benzothiazepenes as potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic agentsPrasad, ChepurupalliRajendra Prasad, Y
18-Dec-2013Assesment of prediabetes in students (18-35 years) of Andhra university, Viskhapatnam, IndiaVeera, Raghavulu BitraAnnapurna, A
18-Dec-2013Production enhancement of Ajmalicine, serpentine and cataranthine by tissue culture technique in Vinca roseaVemugunta RamakrishnaGanapathy, G
18-Dec-2013Metal-metal composites an innovative way for multiple strengtheningGopi Krishna MallarapuManmohan Rao, N B R; Babu Rao, Jinungu
18-Dec-2013Conception of heritage management plan for British colonial built heritage in Vishakpatnam cityGiduthuri, Vishwanadha KumarVazer Mohammood; Vijay Kishore, D
18-Dec-2013Synthesis biological and computational evaluation of some new chalcones and pyrazolines as potential and microbialParala, Venkateshwara RaoRajendra Prasad, Y
19-Dec-2013A study of lithium manganese oxide based cathode materials for lithium ion batteriesPaulos, Taddesse ShibheshiVeeraiah, V
18-Dec-2013Studies on anti-hyper lipeidemic and anti-athereoslerotic activities of selected Indian meidicinal plantsGeetha, KodaliGanapaty, S
18-Dec-2013Theoritical and experimental investigation of crack identification in fiber reinforced composite beams using vibration analysisSunil Kumar, TSarchar, M M M; Sundara Siva Rao, B S K