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16-Oct-2015A comparative study of pychological, medical and compact models of treatments for improving symptoms of panic disorders among students of IranKamarzarin, HamidAhmad, Hamida
11-Jul-2016Studies on the mechanism of action of plant derived polyphenolic compounds_Mobilization of nuclear copper by plant polyphenols and oxidative DNA breakage Implications for an anticancer mechanismShamim, UzmaHadi, S. M.
11-Jul-2016Biochemical and cytogenetic approach towards non_occupational risk assessment of particulate air pollutantsSyed Musthapa, MHadi, S M
11-Jul-2016Purification and properties of mammalian lung cystatinKhan, Mohd ShahnawazBano, Bilqees
11-Jul-2016Studies on the biochemical markers employed for the toxicity assessment of waste waterFatima, Riffat AnjumAhmad, Masood
1-Oct-2015Thailands economic diplomacy in GCC countriesWankhwan, WorawutAzhar, Mohammad
28-Dec-2015Hindi ki dlit kavitha _ ek aalochnatmk anusheeln हिंदी की दलित कविता _ एक आलोचनात्मक अनुशीलनKumar, NiranjanShrivastava, U S
16-Oct-2015A study of job involvement among bank employees as related to job anxiety, personality characteristics and job burnoutAllam, ZafrulKhan, Mahmood S
28-Dec-2015The impact of fly ash application in soil on crop productivity and microbial ecosystemFaizan, ShahlaKhan, Samiuuah and Khan, Athar Ali
16-Oct-2015Sources of stress, perceived impact, management styles amongst individuals experiencing sense of well_beingBhat, Shamim AhmadAhmad, Hamida