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21-Jan-2013Proteases from an environmental isolate of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa MCCB 123 and their applicationsJose, DivyaMohandas A; Singh, I S Bright
10-Jan-2013Biochemical effects of different Phenolic compounds on Oreochromis Mossambicus PetersVaradarajan, RemyaPhilip, Babu
10-Jan-2013Further studies on the process of coastal upwelling along the South West Coast of India possible Correlations with Biological ProductivityPillai, V NarayanaMurthy, A V S
8-Apr-2013Contribution of size fractions of planktonic algae to primary organic productivity in the coastal waters Cochin- south west coast of IndiaAlkershi, Akram K MMenon, N Ravindranatha; Joseph, K J
8-Apr-2013Macrobenthos of the continental margin (200-1000m) of South Eastern Arabian Sea with special reference to PolychaetesAbdul Jaleel K UDamodaran R
10-Apr-2013Systematics, Germplasm evaluation and pattern of distribution and abundance of freshwater fishes of Kerala (India)Radhakrishnan K VKurup, B Madhusoodana
8-Apr-2013Distribution, diversity and biology of deep-sea fishes in the Indian EEZHashim MPillai, N G K
7-Sep-2011Biogeochemistry of trace metals in the Indian EEZ of the Arabian Sea and Bay of BengalGeorge, Rejo MonNair, K K C
1-Nov-2012Nutrient mobility in Chalakudy river typified with riparian buffer zone and its adjoining estuary spatiotemporal manifestationPadma PNair, S Muraleedharan
7-Sep-2012Geochemistry of transition non transition and rare earth elements in the surficial sediments of continental shelf of Kerala and an annex to the Cochin estuarine systemLaluraj, C MNair, S Muraleedharan