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28-Dec-2012Dopamine receptor gene expression in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats and its role in insulin secretionShankar, P N EswarPaulose, C S
28-Dec-2012Alkaline protease production by marine fungus engyodontium album BTMF S10Chellappan, SreejaChandrasekaran, M
28-Dec-2012Generation of variability for salt tolerance in rice using tissue culture techniquesSwapna T SNambisan, Padma
10-Apr-2013Characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates accumulating vibrios from marine benthic environments and production studies of polyhydroxyalkanoates by Vibrio sp. BTKB33Raghul Subin SBhat, Sarita G
9-Apr-2013Withania Somnifera and Withanolide a mediated restoration of AMPA and NMDA receptor function in Pilocarpine induced temporal Lobe EpilepsySoman, Smijin KPaulose, C S
8-Apr-2013Neuronal degeneration in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats: effect of Aegle marmelose and pyridoxine in pancreatic cell proliferation and neuronal survivalAnitha MPaulose, C S
7-Sep-20115-HT1A and 5-HT2C receptor gene expression and functional regulation during rat hepatocyte proliferation and apoptosisPyroja, SPaulose, C S
7-Sep-2011Biochemical effect of dicarboxylic acids on oxalate metabolism in experimental rats and studies on oxalate degrading bacteriaNaseema, A-
1-Nov-2011Muscarinic M1, M3, Nicotinic, GABAA and GABAB receptor subtypes gene expression in Insulin induced Hypoglycemic rat brain regions: functional regulation through phospholipase C and CREB proteinAntony, SherinPaulose, C S
3-Nov-2011Muscarinic M1 receptor gene expression in Steptozotocin induced diabetic rats: regulation of insulin secretion by Aegle marmelose and Costus pictus leaf extractsGireesh, GPaulose, C S