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25-Jan-2016Studies towards the synthesis of Biselyngbyaside and b c6f5 3 catalysisGontla, RajeshChandrasekhar, S
30-Dec-2016Synthesis and evaluation of some novel formazans as potent chemotherapeutic agentsBabu, A NarendraNadendla, Rama Rao
30-Dec-2016Design synthesis and biological evaluation of new pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzodiazepines as antimitotic and anticancer agentsBalakishan, GorreKamal, Ahmed
17-Dec-2014Synthesis, characterization, and investigations of dielectric and spectroscopic properties of PbO Sb2O3 As2O3 glass system crystallized with MoO3, MnO and NiO as nucleating agentsPadmanabham, AVeeraiah, N
15-Apr-2015Synthesis characterization and biological activities of six membered heterocyclic derivativesPanneerselvam, TKumar, P Vijayaraj
9-May-2015Synthesis characterization and photoluminescence properties of sr2ceo4: re3 dy la eu ionsRao, AtchyuthaRao, Poornachandra V Nannapaneni
9-May-2015Synthesis characterization and photoluminescence properties of sr2ceo4: re3dy la eu ionsRao, AtchyuthaRao, Nannapaneni Poornachandra V
9-May-2015Synthesis and photoluminescence studies of eu3 doped and other rare earth co doped nanophosphorsSujitha, PRao, Subba B
30-Dec-2016Design and synthesis of new molecules based on thiolactomycin as potential antitubercular antimalarial agents and enatioselective synthesis of 3R 4R 3S 4S DihydroxypyrrolidinesAzeeza, ShaikKamal, Ahmed
30-Dec-2016Design synthesis and anticancer evaluation of DNA interactive pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzodiazepine hybrids chrysin conjugates and preparation of some bioactive heterocyclesRamana, A VenkataKamal, Ahmed