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30-Dec-2016Design and synthesis of potential antileishmanial agentsSrinivas, NagarapuBhandari, Kalpana
30-Dec-2016Enantioselective total synthesis of Diospongins towards the enantioselective total synthesis of solandelactones and an expedient synthesis of Eantioenriched substituted Benzofuran YL Aryl and heteroaryl carbinolsGajula, RamakrishnaKumaraswamy, G
30-Dec-2016Phytochemical investigation and synthesis of some bioactive labdane diterpenes from the rhizomes of hedychium spicatumReddy, P PrabhakarRao, J Madhusudana
15-Aug-2015Radical Cylization Routes to the Synthesis of a Methylene CIS Fused Bicylic Systems Synthesis of Osmundalactone its Epimer and Butyro lactone Moiety of Angiopterlactone AChary, Devoju HarinadaSharma, G V M
8-Sep-2015Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Antiinflammation and Anti Cancer CompoundsRao, Ravada SuryachandraTrimurtulu, G
8-Sep-2015Radical Cyclization Routes To The Synthesis Of a Methylene Cis Fused Bicyclic Systems, Synthesis Of Osmundalactone, ItS Epimer And Butyro Lactone Moiety Of Angiopterlactone AChary, Devoju HarinadaSharma, G V M
1-Sep-2015Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Anti Inflammation and Anti Cancer CompoundsRao, Ravada SuryachandraTrimurtulu, G
1-Sep-2015Synthesis of New Amino Acids Peptides Pebtides Boronated Unsaturated Amnio Esters and Their DerivativesSridhar, TailorSharma, G V M
30-Dec-2016Design synthesis and biological evaluation of new pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzodiazepines as antimitotic and anticancer agentsBalakishan, GorreKamal, Ahmed
17-Dec-2014Synthesis, characterization, and investigations of dielectric and spectroscopic properties of PbO Sb2O3 As2O3 glass system crystallized with MoO3, MnO and NiO as nucleating agentsPadmanabham, AVeeraiah, N