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30-Dec-2016Evaluation of performance in classification algorithm using real datasetsMiriyala, Raghava NaiduRao, Allam Appa
30-Dec-2016Design and evaluation of controlled release drug delivery systems of selected drugs employing tamarind kernel gumBharathi, AA, Subrahmanyam
30-Dec-2016Design synthesis and anticancer evaluation of DNA interactive pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzodiazepine hybrids chrysin conjugates and preparation of some bioactive heterocyclesRamana, A VenkataKamal, Ahmed
30-Dec-2016Evaluation of potential serum biomarkers in pancreatic cancer using novel sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assayBrahmandam, Purna Krishna MohanV Singh, Ajita
30-Dec-2016Design and evaluation of mucoadhesive tablets for oral controlled release of selected drugs Diltiazem Glipizide Diclofenac IndomethacinSundari, G BalatripuraChowdary, K P R
30-Dec-2016Evaluation of water quality of Krishna River with reference to physico chemical parameters at Guntur dist A P IndiaPrasad, Konakala DurgaRao, M Chiranjeevi
30-Dec-2016Pharmacological evaluation of antioxidant and protective effects of Argyrea speciosa sweet root extracts in experimental animalsGalkwad, Pandurang MVidyadhara, S
30-Dec-2016Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluationa of soymida febrifuga - An endemic medicinal plantKarunasree, VRao, K R S Sambasiva
30-Dec-2016Design and evaluation of gastro retentive tablets of pioglitazone employing selected new polymersRamesh, RavadaChowdary, K P R
27-Jan-2017Design synthesis and biological evaluation of newer dihydrofolate reductase and proton pump inhibitorsSrinivasulu, NeeladriMurthy, T E G K