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23-Apr-2013Multi layered approach for tracking generic multiple objects and extraction of video objects for performance analysisSuresh Babu, YPrasad, G S
23-Apr-2013A probabilistic approach for authenticating text or graphical passwords using associative memoriesChakravarthy, A S NAvadhani, P S
25-Jan-2016A systematic investigation of leptadenia reticulata retz wight and arn an endangered medicinal plant of IndiaMohanty, Sudipta KumarAnuradha M
25-Jan-2016Acoustic volumetric viscometric and spectroscopic studies of some binary liquid mixtures of anisic aldehyde at different temperaturesPrathipati Baby Sandhya SriRambabu, C
25-Jan-2016Heat and mass transfer effects on convective magnetohydrodynamic flows with thermal radiationMalapati, VenkateswarluLakshmi, D Venkata
25-Jan-2016Cumulative nature of ant associations for adjacent formation of network stimulate using ERDI algorithmGuru Kesava Dasu GopisettyPrasad, P Bala Krishna
25-Jan-2016Studies towards the synthesis of Biselyngbyaside and b c6f5 3 catalysisGontla, RajeshChandrasekhar, S
25-Jan-2016Isolation and characterization of anti diabetic active priniciple s from phragmites vallatoriaNaga Vamsi Krishna, AVenkata Raman, B
25-Jan-2016Finances of urban local governments in India a study of the finances of greater Hyderabad and Vijayawada municipal corporations in Andhra PradeshKalpana, KRao, M V S Koteswara
25-Jan-2016An analysis of factors affecting production of sugarcane A case study of Krishna and Visakhapatnam Districts in Andhra PradeshKanaka Durga, ARama Devi, T