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30-Dec-2016Role of regional rural banks in rural development With reference to Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank of Srikakulam district of Andhra PradeshMohan, Ankamreddi RamaChalam, G V
30-Dec-2016Development and validation of newer RP HPLC methods for the estimation of selected drugsKumar, A V D NagendraRao, M V Basaveswara
13-Apr-2015Development of indigenous in vitro immunodiagnostic assays for detection of hiv 1 2 infectionsMurthy, G S S NRao, Sambasiva K R S
13-Apr-2015Development and evaluation of polymeric in situ gel containing anti fungal agents for oral thrushJaya raja Kumar, KJayachandran, E
25-Jan-2016Development of transgenic rice harbouring mutated rice 5 enolpyruvylshikimate 3 phosphate synthase Os mepsps and allium sativum leaf agglutinin asal genes conferring tolerance to herbicides and resistance to sap sucking insectsChandrasekhar, KottakotaVijayalakshmi, M
25-Jan-2016Development of advanced liquid chromatographic and powder x ray diffraction methods for the determination of selected drugs and application of spectroscopic and thermal methods for identification and characterization of impuritiesReddy, Bhimireddy Venkata RamiRambabu, C
10-Jan-2018Development and validation of rp hplc and lc ms methods for the determination of selected drugs in pure and pharmaceutical formulationsPaladugu, Nagakanyaka DeviRao, Devala Garikapati
10-Jan-2018Development of scheduled castes a study in guntur district a pKataiah, DSamuyelu, M
10-Jan-2018Development and validation of new visible spectrophotometric and stability indicating rp hplc methods for the determination of some pharmaceutical active compounds in various pharmaceutical preparationsKrishna, Murali NBabu, Ram C
10-Jan-2018Novel rp hplc methods for development and validation of some selected drugs in pure and pharmaceutical dosage formsGade, Brahma ReddyBandhakavi, Sitaram