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17-Apr-2013Stereoselective total synthesis of bioactive natural product dodoneine and studies towards the synthesis of paecilomycin A, aigilomycin B and pladienolides A and BKanaparthy SuneelBiswanath Das
17-Apr-2013Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new Azole HeterocyclesKesur Rajade RamMurty, M S R
22-Apr-2013Isolation of high value bio-chemicals from tobacco waste – synthesis, characterization of ubiquinone (COQ10) and development of analytical methods for process related impuritiesMahendra, KolisettiMadhavi, N
6-Aug-2013Study of chemical dynamics of some oxidation reactionsSubba Rao, T L M VSyama Sundar, B
22-Apr-2013Total synthesis of achaetolide, pectinolide-A, pectinolide-H and asymmetric michael reactions using carbohydratepyrrolidine based organocatalystBalaji, S VChandrasekhar, S
22-Apr-2013New validated liquid chromatographic and tandem mass spectrometric methods for the determination of drugs in human plasmaKetana, Naga Malleswara RaoSatyanarayana, P V V
22-Apr-2013Biomimetic approach for the synthesis and characterization of calcium, barium and strontium carbonate microstructuresSreeram, VBasaveswara Rao, M V
22-Apr-2013Stereoselective synthesis of some bioactive piperidine and indolizidine alkaloids along with development of new synthetic methodologies using α-amido sulfones and baylis-hillman adductsDamodar, KongaraDas, Biswanath
22-Apr-2013Synthetic studies of macrolides: stagonolide-G, hygrocin-A & synthesis and bioevaluation of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsPavan Kumar, Ch N S SaiJayathirtha Rao, V
22-Apr-2013Synthesis of bisindole conjugates and 2-anilinonicotinyl linked oxadiazoles/ 2-aminobenzothiazoles/triazolobenzothiadiazines as potential anticancer agentsSrikanth, Y V VAhmed Kamal