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25-Jan-2017Characterization of agro based paper agro oil and sugar industrial effluents and assessment of their potential for applicationsRaju, P V S MachiMurthy, Y L N
30-Dec-2016Characterization of activated carbons prepared from peels of selected citrus fruits and their utilization in defluoridation studiesChakrapani, ChakrapaniSomasekhara Rao, K
10-Jan-2018A study on the production and chemical characterization of bioactive compounds from arthrobacter kerguelensis vl rkKumar, Rajesh MVijayalakshmi M
10-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterization of ruthenium and porphyrin based sensitizers for dye sensitized solar cell applicationsSreenivasu, MareeduRao, Vijaya Bhaskar N
10-Jan-2018Studies on formulation in vitro characterization and pharmacodynamic evaluation of fast dissolving films of telmisartan valsartan and gliclazideKaza, RajeshNaga, Raju R
10-Jan-2018Studies on isolation characterization and production of industrially useful tannase from aspergillus nidulans ukVundavalli, SureshRao, Sambasiva K R S
10-Jan-2018A study screening and characterization of rhizobial strains for the exploitation of blackgram Vigna mungo l heeper yields in rice followsSatyanandam, TRosaigh C
10-Jan-2018Preparation and characterization of activated carbons of jack fruit ppi 1 waste for adsorption of various classes of dyesNagalakshmi, T VEmmanuel K A
10-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterization of novel heterocyclic molecules having benzoxazinone indole oxadiazole hiadiazole and triazole moietiesLuther, Bethala JawaharRao, Basaveswara M V
10-Jan-2018Molecular cloning expression purification and characterization of hematopoietic growth factor rh gcsf expressed in escherichia coliAruna AdusumilliRao, Ramakrishna K