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23-Apr-2013In silico screening of effective inhibitors for HIV-1 protease, integrase and reverse transcriptase using pharmacophore modelChitta Suresh KumarSankaraiah, P
23-Apr-2013Studies on the biotransformation of acrylonitrile to acrylic acid using Rhodococcus Ruber Aksh-84Shiva Kumar MatamAhmed Kamal
23-Apr-2013Pharmacological and preliminary phytochemical studies of Indian traditional plants, dalbergia paniculata, cyathea gigantea, colebrookea oppositifolia and entada pursaethaVijaya Raju, A DGanga Rao, B
23-Apr-2013Investigations on antagonistic actinomycetes from cauvery basin samples for antimicrobial and antitumor activitiesDivakar, KEllaiah, P
23-Apr-2013Design and evaluation of controlled release drug delivery systems of selected drugs employing tamarind kernel gumBharathi, ASubrahmanyam, A
23-Apr-2013Development of enantioselective assay and evaluation of pharmacokinetic properties of lenalidomide by HPLC & LC-MS/MSKrishna PochaDevala Rao, G
23-Apr-2013Studies on pectinase producing bacteria: screening, isolation, molecular characterization and optimization of physico-chemical parameters for maximizing the enzyme productionLalitha Kumari, BVenkateswara Rao, G
23-Apr-2013Studies on evaluation of adsorption isotherms, rate kinetics, thermodynamic properties and optimization by differential evolution for the better biosorption of heavy toxic metals: chromium and lead by Saccharomyces CerevisiaeVenkata Rao, GMadhusudhana Rao, V
23-Apr-2013Bioparametric investigations for the production of cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase by submerged fermentationRavinder, KPrabhakar, T
23-Apr-2013Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of newer Dihydrofolate Reductase and 2 proton pump inhibitorsNeeladri SrinivasuluMurthy, T E G K