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18-Feb-2015Antimicrobial antioxidant studies of medicinal plants and characterization of bio active compounds in hildegardia populifolia sterculiaceae leavesBabu, K SunilAmmani, K
2-Jan-2015Development and validation of novel hplc methods for the estimation of selected drugs in bulk samples and pharmaceutical formulationsVatchavai, Bhaskara RajuRao, A Lakshmana
13-Apr-2015Computer aided drug design for type2 diabetes: in silico screening of zinc database and qsar analysis of ptp1b inhibitorsAkula, Chandra SekharRao, Allam Appa Col
13-Apr-2015Production and process optimization off recombinant human erythropoiietin in serum free medium using r chinese hamster ovary cellsMunagalla, PrabhavathyRao, Sashiidhar B
13-Apr-2015Total synthesis of achaetolide, pectinolide a pectinolide h and asymmetric michael reactions using carbohydratepyrrolidine based organocatalystBalaji, S VChandrasekhar, S
13-Apr-2015An innovative procedure for performance appraisal in intrusion detection system using synthesis computing classifiersPrasad, Venkata Siva MBabu, Vinaya A
13-Apr-2015Multi tier frameworks for network intrusion detection system using machine learning and data mining modelsSrinivasulu, PRamesh Babu, I
15-Apr-2015Effect of zinc doping on the structural and magnetic properties of nanostructured nickel and copper ferriteAnjaneyulu, ThipagudisaMurthy Narayana P
15-Apr-2015Understanding native canadian resistance: a study of tomson highway s plays and armond garnet ruffo s poetic cannonRao, Narasimha KuravadiPatteti, Raja Sekhar
15-Apr-2015Theory of ideals in ternary semigroupsSarala, YAnjaneyulu, A