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8-Sep-2015Mechanisms involved in regulation of processes critical for cancer metastasis by and#946;1 6 branched noligosaccharidesAgarwal, Akhil KumarKalraiya, Rajiv D
28-Dec-2017Bioanalytical methods for quantification of oral contraceptives and their application to pharmacokinetic studies by using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometryKumar, Leela Mohan PPrasad, Rajendra Y
28-Dec-2017A study on the problems and prospects in marketing of agricultural commodities in tumkur district karnatakaSubramanyam NSeshamohan V V
28-Dec-2017A novel framework for content based medical image retrieval using fuzzy texton and shearlet transformPutheti, SudhakarReddy, Sreenivasa E
28-Dec-2017A study of intelligence personality and achievement of secondary school studentsRaju, Naga KRao, Digumarti Bhaskara
28-Dec-2017Discovery of frequent patterns using a preprocessing free algorithm amoebaSudhir, TReddy, Sreenivasa E
28-Dec-2017Human resources development practicesRao, Venkateswara YRaju, Vijaya S
28-Dec-2017Spectroscopic studies of natural minerals tennantite chalcopyrite rhodochrosite and vanadyl cobalt ions doped viitaniemiite nanophosphorBose, Subhash Chandra GRavikumar, R V S S N
28-Dec-2017Ecological studies and faunal diversity of wyra and paler reservoirs of khammam district telangana IndiaMohammad, John MKrishna, P V
28-Dec-2017Reinvisioning the latin american lost testimonies understanding gabriel garcia marquez s tapestryKarthik, MallavarapuPatteti, Raja Sekhar