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30-Dec-2016Studies on screening characterization antimicrobial activity and GC MS profile of three species of cymbopogon spring PoaceaeSarathchandrabose, NAmmani, K
25-Jan-2016Cumulative nature of ant associations for adjacent formation of network stimulate using ERDI algorithmGuru Kesava Dasu GopisettyPrasad, P Bala Krishna
25-Jan-2016Exploratory studies on antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of ethanolic extract of annona squmousa leaves in stzinduced diabetic rat kidneyMohan, PReddy, K Sathyavelu
25-Jan-2016Condition monitoring analysis and diagnosis of ECG signal using advaced neuro fuzzy of artificial intelligence and data mining techniquesSrinivas, NallaVinaya babu
25-Jan-2016A systematic and rational approach to solid self emulsifying and free flowing solid dispersion formulations for poorly soluble drug efavirenzKiran Kumar, VAruna Devi, M
25-Jan-2016Synthesis and luminescence properties of rare earth doped LaPO4 and LaYPO4 PhosphorsGopalrao, Chaudhari KishorRao, B Subba
25-Jan-2016Physical and spectral studies of CdOSrOB2O3SiO2 CdSBSi glass system doped with transition metal ions cJalli, Santhan KumarCole, Sandhya
25-Jan-2016Development and validation of analytical and bioanalytical methods for the quantification of some of the drugs in dosage forms and biological matricesKalakuntla, Rama RaoPrakash, K
25-Jan-2016A study on rajiv vidya mission in the guntur district of andhra pradeshRao, VasanthaElizabeth, M E S
25-Jan-2016Novel outlier analysis techniques to find outliers in categorical and mixed attribute datasetsMurthy, Mudimbi KrishnaGovardhan, A