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23-Apr-2013Multi layered approach for tracking generic multiple objects and extraction of video objects for performance analysisSuresh Babu, YPrasad, G S
23-Apr-2013A probabilistic approach for authenticating text or graphical passwords using associative memoriesChakravarthy, A S NAvadhani, P S
23-Apr-2013Evaluation of potential serum biomarkers in pancreatic cancer using novel sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assayPurna Krishna Mohan BrahmandamSingh, Ajita V
23-Apr-2013Screening, selection, in vitro multiplication and germplasm conservation of elite clones of pogostemon cablin benthKumara Swamy MAnuradha, M
23-Apr-2013Dielectric and spectroscopic investigations on multi component lithium aluminium zirconium silicate glasses mixed with TiO2 and WO3 & Spectroscopic features of Pr3+ and Er3+ ions in Li2O–ZrO2–SiO2 glass matrices mixed with some sesquioxidesSrinivasa Rao, ChRavi Kumar, V
23-Apr-2013Structural, magnetic and optical properties of transition metal ions (VO2+, Cr3+, Mn2+ & Cu2+) doped in Strontium Zinc Borate GlassesSumalatha, BLinga Raju, Ch
23-Apr-2013Dielectric and spectroscopic investigations on alkali fluoro strontium borate glasses doped with some 3D transition metal oxidesRamesh Babu, AKrishna Rao, D
23-Apr-2013Non-linear optical, piezoelectric, elastic, spectroscopic and dielectric studies on ZnF2–PbO–TeO2: TiO2 glass ceramicsNarasimha Rao, NRavi Kumar, V
23-Apr-2013Studies of molecular interactions in binary mixtures of anisaldehyde with arenes and cresols at different temperaturesKolla NarendraNarayana Murthy, P
23-Apr-2013Studies on fluoride poisoning and its possible role in development of renal failure using biochemical and molecular markersJaganmohan Rao, PSambasiva Rao, K R S