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23-Apr-2013Theoretical and experimental studies on mesogens and non-mesogensVeera Bhadra Reddy, KOjha, Durga P
22-Apr-2013Studies on the antidiabetic potential of coccinia grandis in alloxan treated albino ratsSrinivasa Rao, SSatyanarayana, P V V
22-Apr-2013Design and development of immobilized, recyclable catalysts for C-C, C-N, S-N bond formation and selective hydrogenation reactionsChakravarti, RajashreeLakshmi Kantam, M
23-Apr-2013Isolation and characterization of filamentous bacteria from foaming and bulking activated sludgeSultan Mohammed FaheemDawood Jalaluddin Shariff
17-Dec-2014Synthesis, characterization, and investigations of dielectric and spectroscopic properties of PbO Sb2O3 As2O3 glass system crystallized with MoO3, MnO and NiO as nucleating agentsPadmanabham, AVeeraiah, N
25-Jan-2017Development and evaluation of diagnostic tools for Nuclepolyhedroviruses NPVs infecting major lepidopteran pests of legume crops in the semi arid tropicsChitneni, Srishar KumarRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Study on utilization and biochemical characteristics of palm oil mill effluent in livestock rationsBegum, AasifunnisaBabu, M Kochu
25-Jan-2017Design and development of supported zirconia catalysts for selective organic transformationsSekhar, Subrahmanya NujillaKantam, M Lakshmi
25-Jan-2017Contributions to ring theoryNagaraju, DasariSatyanaryana, Bhavanari
30-Dec-2016A study on the UV-B radiation induced biochemical alterations in the thylakoid membranes of barley Hordeum vulgare primary leavesKishore, GudipudiRao, K Somasekhara