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22-Mar-2016Investigations on the bulk growth of InSb and InSbBi crystals by vertical bridgman technique and their characterisationMohan, PremilaBabu, SMoorthy
22-Mar-2016Investigations in the enhancement of tissue discrimination of normal and diseased human brain tissues in vivo using magnetic resonance imaging in a clinico radiologic environmentSiromoney, AnnaPrasad, GNSivarama
3-Apr-2017investigations of new architectures for QRS complex detection and algorithms for epileptic seizure detectionMurali, L.Manigandan, T.
19-Apr-2017Certain investigations on real time measurement systems deploying vibration technique for bone quality assessmentMythili, S.Athisha, G.
16-Mar-2017Experimental investigations on performance and emission characteristics of CI engine with different dual biodiesel blendsArun Balasubramanian, K.Srithar, K.
16-Mar-2017Certain investigations on write reduction techniques for flash memory based solid state driveArul Selvan, R.Porkumaran, K.
16-Mar-2017Certain investigations on power reduction using various peak to average power ratio techniques in OFDM systemNandalal, V.Sopha, S.
10-Oct-2014Certain Investigations On Mammographic Abnormalities Using Hybrid Feature Based Machine Learning TechniquesJai Singh WNagarajan B
24-Mar-2017Investigations on structural conductivity and dielectric characterization of peo peg blend nanocomposite polymer electrolytesMohamed Ali, T.Selladurai, S.
24-Mar-2017Investigations on comfort handle pressure values and fit of woven stretch fabrics for sari blouseVarghese, Nirmala.Thilagavathi, G.