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4-Mar-2016Development of a decision support tool for scheduling highway construction projects based on simulation studiesArun, CRao, Bh Nagabhushana
4-Mar-2016Real time operation of canal systems prospect of improving performance using management information systemsHaribabu, SVenugopal, K
4-Mar-2016Online fruits sorting based on external quality parameters using machine visionRao, P SudhakaraRenganathan, S
4-Mar-2016Cloning and characterization of the antigen s of an avian adenovirus the egg drop syndrome virus EDS 76K, Venkatesh GopalJayaraman, Kunthala
4-Mar-2016Microporous and mesoporous aluminophosphate based molecular sieves synthesis characterisation and catalytic performanceRajesh, BMurugesan, V
4-Mar-2016An in vitro study to elucidate cellular responses during klebsiella pneumoniae infection of lung cellsNagalakshmi, MLBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Analytic and experimental studies of various microstrip antenna configurationsMythili, PDas, Annapurna
4-Mar-2016In vitro approach to delineate molecular cross talk between epithelial and monocytic cells leading to apoptosis in tropical pulmonary eosinophiliaSanker, E RaveBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Studies on extraction of aromatics form lubricating oil feed stocks in liquid liquid equilibrium still and rotary disc contactorBegum, KM Meera SheriffaLakshmanan, CM
4-Mar-2016Preparation characterisation and application of membranes for radioactive waste treatmentSeehadri, KSKrishnasamy, V