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30-Jan-2014Crystal structure determination and studies on self assembled supramolecular structures of some organic organic and inorganic organic acid base saltsJagan RSivakumar, K.
21-Feb-2014An intelligent technique based probabilistic approach to the design of off grid solar photovoltaic power system using matrix converterSumithira T RNirmalkumar A
15-Jan-2014Studies on the preparation characterization and properties of polyimides containing thiophene dithiane pyrimidineSivasankari RSarojadevi M
9-Dec-2013Tracking and quantification of left ventricle borders in echocardiographic images with improved segmentation techniquesSupha, Lakshmi AAnandhakumar, P
9-Dec-2013Application of Machine Learning Algorithms for Real Time Intrusion Detection and ClassificationSubbulakshmi TMercy Shalinie S
19-Aug-2013Growth and characterization of ZnO Nanorods Nanowalls and Nanochains using pulsed laser depositionPremkumar, T.Baskar, K
21-Mar-2016Investigations on the nucleation and growth kinetics of vapour phase epitaxy of III V binary ternary and quaternary compound semiconductorsGopalakrishnan, NDhanasekaran, R
21-Mar-2016Correlation analysis of organic reactivity in benzene and naphthalene systemsParvathy, BJagannadhaswamy, B
21-Mar-2016Novel photochemical deposition and conventional electrochemical deposition of CdS and HgxCd1 xTe semiconductor thin films and their characterization for solar cell device applicationsBabu, SMoorthyKumaresan, R
21-Mar-2016Band structure structural phase stability and physical properties of some transition metal compounds and high pressure phases of Zr As and SbPalanivel, BRajagopalan, M