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1-Jan-2015Studies on energy efficiency in Non conventional dyeing Technologies for textilesBalachandran SVenkatachalam A
9-May-2015Nonlinear modeling simulation Optimization and control of Electrochemical chemical and BioreactorsManokaran PKannadasan T
1-Jan-2015Enhancement of evolutionary optimization techniques applied to conventional and cogeneration power economic dispatch problemsRengaraj RSubbaraj P
1-Apr-2015Certain investigations on performance analysis of VLSI implementation of area efficient multiplier accumulator unit for fir filterJayaprakash MShanmugam A
1-Apr-2015Hybrid sorting immune simulated Annealing algorithm for flexible Job shop schedulingShivasankaran NSenthilkumar Pe
1-Apr-2015Application of data mining techniques for Novel ensemble forecast of lead seven Days minimum and maximum surface air Temperature in Chennai indiaRamesh KAnitha R
1-Apr-2015Development of a new cooling approach and the performance evaluation of cryogenic liquid nitrogen as a coolant in the turning processDhananchezian MPradeep kumar M
1-Apr-2015Some investigations on classification and analysis of diabetic retinopathy for implementation of computer aided medical decision support systemJerald jeba kumar SMadheswaran M
1-Jan-2015Reliability analysis of Some communication networks Software and shared load modelsVasanthi TArulmozhi G
1-Jan-2015FPGA implementation of an efficient Novel viterbi decoder architecture For wireless applicationArun CRajamani V