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25-Nov-2016On real and complex space formsSavithri ShashidharNagaraja, H G
25-Nov-2016Some studies on continued fractions and related identitiesSuman, N PNaika, Mahadeva M S
25-Nov-2016Riemann extension and its applicationsHarish, DNagaraja, H G
25-Nov-2016Some studies in the theory of graphs and combinatoricsChaitra, VChaluvaraju, B
25-Nov-2016Investigations of new modular equations in the spirit of RamanujanHarish, MNaika, Mahadeva M S
24-Nov-2016Stability of shear flows in newtonian and non newtonian fluidsBasavaraj, M SBalagondar, P M
24-Nov-2016Graph distances an algorithmic studyChitra, RHuilgol, Medha Itagi
24-Nov-2016Some studies in graph theory and their applicationsAppajigowda, CChaluvaraju, B
18-Feb-2016Application of symbolic mathematics to compute high precision Newton Cotes_GAUSS Legendre Lobatto bond quadrature formulasNagabhushana, C SRathod, H T
17-Feb-2016Electrohydrodynamic surface instabilitesChandrashekara GRudraiah, N
11-Feb-2016Numerical analytical solutions of generalized Cranes problems involving continuous moving surfaceRaju, B TPrasad, K V
11-Feb-2016On multicomponent convection in a non Newtonian Fluid layerKumar, Naveen S BShivakumara, I S
11-Feb-2016The dynamics and rheology of periodically forced particles in a fluid at low Reynolds numbersMadhukar, KShivakumara, I S; Ramamohan, T R
11-Feb-2016Linear and non linear convection and stability of Newtonian and Non Newtonian flowsGowda, Kempe MBalagondar, P M
10-Feb-2016Dispersion of the chiral fluid in the presence of convective and displacement currents separatelyReddy, Raghunatha S VRudraiah, N
9-Feb-2016Contributions to modular equations and class invariantsBairy, Sushan KNaika, Mahadeva M S
9-Feb-2016Dispersion and diffusion in oscillatory flows of Newtonian and non Newtonian fluidsPrasad, G SBalagondar, P M
9-Feb-2016Some contributions to the theory of q series theta functions and applicationsManjunatha, MNaika, Mahadeva M S
2-Feb-2016Numerical_Analytical solutions of stretching sheet problems with super linear stretching in Newtonian non_Newtonian liquidsSanthi, S RPrasad, K V
1-Feb-2016Contributions to modular equations and their applicationChandankumar, SNaik, Mahadeva M S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21