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5-Aug-2013Chemical investigations of Cedrus deodara, Albizzia chinensis, Podophyllum hexandrum and Synthetic Modification of Himachalenes and their Biological ActivitiesChaudhary, AbhaSingh, Bikram
5-Aug-2013Design and synthesis of novel immune adjuvants for vaccines and development of small molecule immunomodulatorsSingh, Parvinder PalSampath Kumar H M
5-Aug-2013The development of biocatalytic and Organocatalytic methods for asymmetric Epoxide ring opening reactionsBala, NeerajChimni, Swapandeep Singh
5-Aug-2013Development of small organic molecules as catalysts for asymmetric organic transformationsSingh, SarbjitChimni, Swapandeep Singh
5-Aug-2013Enantioselective Carbon-Carbon bond formation catalyzed by Cinchona-Derived OrganocatalystsChauhan, PankajChimni, Swapandeep Singh
5-Aug-2013Molecular switches and photonic logic gates based on (Thia) calix[4] arenesDhir, AbhimanewManoj Kumar
25-Feb-2013Physicochemical studies on some Saccharides in Aqueous solutions of electrolytesKaur, AmanpreetKaur, Parampaul
7-Aug-2013Regioselective synthetic transformations and applications of pyrimidin-2(1H)-one DerivativesSingh, KawaljitSingh, Kamaljit
25-Feb-2013Studies in the synthesis and recognition behaviour of Thiacalix4arene based receptorsRajesh KumarManoj Kumar
5-Aug-2013Studies in the synthesis and recognition behaviour of Thiacalix[4] arene based receptorsRajesh KumarManoj Kumar
25-Feb-2013Synthesis and characterization of multidentate Schiff base podands and their use as chemosensors and catalystsVimal KumarHundal, Geeta
5-Aug-2013Synthesis and crystal structure determination of metal complexes containing acyclic chelating ligands having Carboxamide or Thiocarboxamide functionalitiesPannu, Ajay Pal SinghHundal, M S; Kapoor, Pratibha
5-Aug-2013Synthesis and structures of transition metal ThiosemicarbazonatesPoonam KumariLobana, Tarlok Singh
5-Aug-2013Synthesis, structures and reactivity of heterocyclic thioamide derivatives of coinage metalsRazia SultanaLobana, Tarlok Singh
5-Aug-2013Synthetic and Bioactivity Investigations of some Phenolic and Heteroaromatic CompoundsSharma, NainaSinha, A K
5-Aug-2013Synthetic studies and evaluation of some functionalized B-Lactam derivativesSingh, PardeepMahajan, Mohinder P
5-Aug-2013Terphenyl Derivatives: molecular insights into ion sensing and switchingTejpal, RuchiBhalla, Vandana
28-Feb-2013Transition metal derivatives of Pyrimidine2thione and related ligandsKaur, Parminder Jitn.d.