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25-Jan-2017Production quality water use efficiency post harvest attributes and economics of garlic as influenced by irrigation methods irrigation scheduling and fertigationSingh, Gyanendra P MDennis, D M
25-Jan-2017Identification of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and their cognitive profileHasan, MahewashTripathi, Nishi
25-Jan-2017A study on the use of educational technology to develop language skills of the EFL learners from Libya with special reference to the writing skillsAlbawe, Fawzia Abugela SalemStanely, Apsara
25-Jan-2017Study on microparticulate systems for drug delivery to gastrointestinal tractSahu, Atul KumarVerma, Amita
25-Jan-2017Impact assessment of urban noise on human behaviour and healthSharma, RichaLal, S B
25-Jan-2017Antibacterial and antioxidative responses of gallic acid and its esters isolated from the bark of acacia niloticaSharma, ManishaGupta, A K
25-Jan-2017Some homogeneous and inhomogeneous models of universe with reference to alternative theories of gravitationDubey, Anand ShankarKhare, Rajeev Kumar and Pradhan, Anirudh
25-Jan-2017Micropropagation of eclipta prostrata L L and industrially important multi utility cropDar, Rayees AhmadThomas, George
25-Jan-2017Analysis of landuse and landcover data for Giridih distraict of Jharkhand to identify a new industrial zone using remote sensing and gis techniquesAbushnaf, Ahmed MohamedPandey, R K
25-Jan-2017Development of apple based products through value additionElbelazi, Salaheddin BashirPrasad V M