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16-May-2016Value addition in paneer by the use of spices and saltMishra, PriyaChandra, Ramesh
6-Apr-2015Effect of ocimum sanctum tulsi leaves supplementation in ration on the hematological parameters and performance of caged broillersSingh, AjitNeeraj
6-Apr-2015Effect of rheum emodi rhubarb root powder on the biochemical expression of genes involved in wound healing of rabbitsSheikh, Bilal AhmadAbidi, A B
6-Apr-2015Value addition of pineapple based food productsSrivastava, KirtiPrasad, Ranu
7-Apr-2015Identification of putative drug targets for community acquired methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus CA MRSA by computational techniquesYadav, Pramod Kumar
7-Apr-2015A study on chhana spread prepared from milk of cow, buffalo and their admixtureYadav, NishuPaul, Virginia
6-Apr-2015Isolation and biochemical characterization of heavy metal tolerant pgpr strains and their consequence on morpho physiological characters of tomato grown under heavy metal stressSingh,YogendraRamteke, Pramod W
6-Apr-2015Role of interlayer interaction on magnetic properties and study of two two band model for oxypnictide superconductorsSingh, VipulKhandka, Sarita and Jayapandian, D P
7-Apr-2015Role of calcium in modulating obesityDaniel, MadhviPrasad, Ranu
7-Apr-2015Design and optimization of dual chambered Microbial Fuel Cell using Enterobacter spp and E coli bacterial strains for electrical conductance with application in water remediationMasih, Sam A.Devasahayam, Mercy