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16-Feb-2017To develop transition metal catalyst system for the enantioselective reduction of various double bond systems such as c c c o and c nJain, Adinath MurlidharGodbole, Himanshu M
16-Feb-2017Novel salts and co crystals of gatifloxacin and o desvenlafaxinMahajan, Pravin RSrivastava, Dhananjai
16-Feb-2017Novel asymmetric synthesis of chiral sulfoxidesRananaware, Umesh BabanraoGodbole, Himanshu M
17-Jan-2017Structure property relationships of some new liquid crystalline materialsBhagavath, PoornimaSrinivasulu, Maddasani
9-Jan-2017Evaluation of angiogenic biomarkers in patient with dysfunctional uterine bleedingChianeh, Yousef RezaeiRao, Pragna
19-Oct-2015Studies on modified zeolite catalysts for aromatization and aromatic substitution reactionsJanardhan H LShanbhag, Ganapati V and Halgeri, Anand B
19-Oct-2015Development of new biodegradable polymer electrolytes for supercapacitorSudhakar, Y NSelvakumar, M
17-Aug-2015Corrosion control of aluminum and 6063 aluminum alloy in phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide medium with some plant extractsPrabhu, DeepaPadmalatha
17-Aug-2015Polymeric composite membranes for pervaporation separation of alcohol water binary mixturesSuhas, DPRaghu, A V
17-Aug-2015Novel eco friendly catalysts for biodiesel synthesis and conversion of byproduct glycerol into value added productsSandesh, SwethaHalgeri, Anand B and Shanbhag Ganapati V
17-Aug-2015Design of solid acid catalysts for prins reaction and toluene methylationMarakatti, Vijaykumar SShanbhag, Ganapati V and Halgeri, Anand B
4-Aug-2015Mutational and biochemical analysis of ma1120 an adenylyl cyclase from mycobacterium aviumSyed, WajeedMisquith, Sandra
12-Mar-2015Synthesis, characterization and reactivity ratios of copolymers and terpolymersAjithkumar, M PYashoda, M P
9-Mar-2015Synthesis Characterization and Pharmacological activity of some new substituted 1 2 4 Triazole Pyrazole 1 3 4 Oxadiazole and 1 3 4 Thiadiazole derivativesChandrakantha BDr. Arun M Isloor and Prakasha Shetty
1-Jan-2015Studies on synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of some novel heterocyclic derivativesChandrashekhar Kumar BProf. Dr. Venugopal Reddy
20-Nov-2013Manganese oxide/porous support catalysts for organic transformations - investigation of their structure activity relationshipRekha MNagaraju N
20-Nov-2013Industrially important organic transformations over modified solid catalystsArun KumarMenon, Ashok; Thimmappa, B H S
6-May-2013Cloning, expression, purification and biochemical characterization of a putative peptidase from Staphylococcus aureus COL0085Bhaskaran, VivekMisquith, Sandra
6-May-2013Studies on synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsSankappa Rai UIsloor, Arun M; Shetty, Prakasha
6-May-2013Layered composites for electrochemical charge storage devicesSebastian, MencyRajamathi, Michael
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23