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30-Nov-2016Studies on chemical synthesis of peptidomimeticsPanduranga, VeladiSureshbabu, V V
30-Nov-2016Solvothermal hydrothermal synthesis of carbon nanotubes and carbon anospheres and studying their propertiesNamitha, RKrishnamurthy, G
28-Nov-2016Synthesis and reactions of some novel organosilicon compounds of interestLokesh, KHariprasad, S
28-Nov-2016Synthesis and biological applications of benzoxazines oxazines and some bioactive heterocyclesBharathkumar, HBasappa
28-Nov-2016Synthetic studies on coumarins of biological interestShamala, DShivashankar, K
28-Nov-2016Synthesis and characterization of some novel H2 storage materials for fuel cell applicationSarika AgarwalKrishnamurthy, G
19-Jan-2016X Ray crystallographic investigation on compounds of pharmaceutical importanceBanu, AfshanBegum, Noor Shahina
19-Jan-2016Electrochemical synthesis of inorganic materials metal hydroxides oxides phosphates and halidesPrasad, B EKamath, Vishnu P
19-Jan-2016Studies on some important multicomponent reactions and functional group transformations in organic synthesis under different reaction conditionsReddy, MadhusudanaPasha, Mohamed Afzal
19-Jan-2016Chemical methods for quantification of toxic metal ions at trace levelKumar, SureshPandurangappa, M
19-Jan-2016Insights into weak interactions in molecular solids by x ray diffraction techniqueZiaulla, MohamedBegum, Noor Shahina
19-Jan-2016Synthesis of layered double hydroxides by homogeneous precipitation study of order disorder reversible hydration and aqueous exfoliationManohara, G VKamath, Vishnu P
18-Jan-2016Studies on chemical synthesis of Peptidomimetics application of new reagents for the synthesis of Ureidopeptides synthesis of Nand#945; protected Amino Alkyl Thio Selenocyanates and their utility in the preparation of S Se linked TetrazolesVasantha, BSureshbabu, V V
18-Jan-2016Morphology controlled synthesis of nanostructured inorganic materialsChithaiah, PChandrappa, G T
8-Jan-2016Studies on some important functional group transformations and multicomponent reactions under different reaction conditionsNagashree, KPasha, Mohamed Afzal
8-Jan-2016Semiconductor mediated photocatalytic degradation of toxic organic pollutants using TiO2 and transition inner transition metal doped TiO2 under UV light and its extension to sun lightKumar, Girish SDevi, Gomathi L
8-Jan-2016Synthesis characterization DNA interaction anticancer and antimicrobial studies of copper II complexesRao, RamakrishnaChetana, P R
8-Jan-2016Synthesis crystal structure analysis and pharmacological screening of thiazolopyrimidine derivativesNagarajaiahBegum, Noor Shahina
8-Jan-2016Methods for the quantification of Hydrogen Sulfide Sulfide and Sulfite at trace levelSamrat, DPandurangappa, M
8-Jan-2016Polystyrene supported platinum group metal complexes as hydrogenation catalystsKumar, Udaya VGayathri, V
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30