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10-Mar-2014Studies on the chemical pathways of radiation clastogenesis in Barley seedsMadhavi, YennapuKesavan, P C
10-Mar-2014Biochemical and immunological studies on lipophosphoglycan (LPG) of entamoeba histolyticaAnand, Monika TolaBhattacharya, Alok
10-Mar-2014Studies on the modification of radiobiological damage by caffeine, vitamins C and E, and thiols using a mammalian test systemSarma, LakshmiKesavan, P C
2-May-2014Visual memory functions in the Indian giant honeybee: apiss dorsataBiswas, SutapaHabibulla, M.
27-Jan-2014Organization and function of the interferon inducible 2',5'- oligoadenylate-dependent ribonuclease L (RNase L) gene of mousePandey, MitaliRath, P C
27-Jan-2014Modulation of adenylate cyclase activity and developmental changes in dictyostelium discoideumKumar, AkhileshChatterjee, Samar
27-Jan-2014Heavy metal effects on growth and morphogenesis of dictyostelium discoideumGurumurthy, YChatterjee, Samar
20-Jan-2014Bioenergetic processes of wheat (triticum aestivum L) leaf chloroplasts :Characterization of endogenous regulations and exogenous factors on photochemical activitiesSayeed, Shabbir AhmedMohanty, Prasanna
26-Feb-2014Exogenous DNA mediated genetic manipulation of Algal protoplasts: studies on interaction of polycations with DNA, DNase and plasma membraneHasnain, Seyed EhteshamUpadhaya, Kailash C
26-Feb-2014Studies on the sparing effect of dose fractionation for Oxic and Anoxic components of radiation damage in Hordeum vulgare, L.Gopinathan Nair PKesavan, P C