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21-Jan-2016A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Salacia Reticulata W and Clitoria Ternatea root Extracta on the Neurophysiological Changes in the Central Nervous System of Rats with Type Diebetes MellitusDr Rajashree RDr. S S.Goudar
21-Jan-2016A study of placenta in children With and without hypospadiasDr Bindhu. SDr R B Nerli
8-Jan-2016A study to assess anti Inflammatory Effect of Vitamin D on Gingivitis A Dose Dependent Randomised Controlled TrialVishwanath P.. HiremathDr. C Bhasker Rao
11-Jan-2016study of static Yoga Repetitive yoga vs exercise therapy intervention in management of mechanical low back painDhanesh Kumar K.UDr.B.B.Putti
25-Jan-2016Evaluation of Hepatoprotective activity of selected part extracts from commelina benghalensis mussaenda frodosa and embelia tsjeriam in wister ratsSudhir N SambrekarDr P A Patil
7-Jan-2015Phytochemical investigations and effect on fertility of selected indian medicinal plants in female wistar ratsPatil, Sachin RPatil, Mrityunjaya B
7-Jan-2015Analysis of outcome of dacryocystorhinistomy dcr with intra operative mitomycinRekha, B KZingade, N D
9-Jan-2015Pharmacological screening and characterization of seed extracts of thespesia populnea and ceiba pentandraShah, Amol SManvi, F V
7-Jan-2015Development and validation of analytical methods for the estimation of drugs in pharmaceutical dosage formsManikanta Kumar AAlagavadi, K R
7-Jan-2015Microsponge drug delivery system to improve therapeutic efficacy of topical drugsSaboji, J KManvi, F V