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23-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric analysis of medicinally important organic compounds spectrophotometric determination of some cephalosporins and tetracyclinesKishore,T. R.Rao,V. Suryanarayna
23-Dec-2015Investigations on inorganic water pollutants of environmental importanceBabu,S. VidyasagarReddy,K. Hussain
23-Dec-2015Industrial relations in south central railwaySaheb,T. S. RasoolRaju,B. Phanishwara
23-Dec-2015Studies on ceramic titanates structural electrical and dielectric properties of Li2ZnBa TiO3 MgCaZn Tio3 and related titanatesAhamad,J. AltafRao,T. Subba
23-Dec-2015Design and development of computer based system for measurement of ions sodium fluoride chloride iodide and hydrogenBabu,G. SatheeshMalakondaiah,K.
23-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric investigations on medicinal compounds studies on the colour reactions of 3 4 dihydroxybenzaldehyde isonicotinoylhydrazone with certain metal ionsSrinivas,J.Rao,V. Suryanarayana
23-Dec-2015Combined effect of radiation and thermo diffusion on MHD mixed convective heat and mass transfer through a porous medium with heat sourcesSuresh,M.Rao,U. Rajeswara
23-Dec-2015Synthesis antimicrobial screening and some other aspects of imidazole heterocyclesSreedevi,M.Ravindranath,L. K.
23-Dec-2015Motivational environment in Andhra Pradesh power generation corporation a case study of Rayalaseema thermal power plantVani,V. J.Reddy,G. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Jashuva virachitha muntaaja mahalu kavya nuseelanamuManoraju,N.Buddanna,A.