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30-Oct-2012Effect of pyrethroids on steroidogenesis in fresh water fishSanjeeva Prasad, TPhilip, G H
18-Dec-2015Integrated electronic health record systemLatha,N. AnjuMurthy,B. Rama
18-Dec-2015Girijan co operative corporation limited its impact on the development of tribals in Prakasam districtNaik,K. ThulasiRao,K. Nageswara
18-Dec-2015Investor behaviour in the selection of corporate securities a survey made in Bangalore city with special reference to equity shares and debenturesBhojanna,U.Reddy,B. Krishna
18-Dec-2015Trends in wages and productivity of female agricultural workers Chittoor districtReddy,E. LokanadhaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015Lease financing in India with reference to the leasing companies located at Chennai Bangalore and HyderabadLakshmi,M. SreeRao,Ch. Rama Prasada
29-Oct-2012Trends in agriculture production: a study of food and non-food crops in Anantapur district of Andhra PradeshReddy, M NarayanaNaidu, G Venkata
30-Oct-2012Organo sulphur and selenium compounds: synthesis, characterization, and biological evaluation of some (E) - and (Z)- sulphides, sulphones, sulphide-sulphones, di sulphones and some related selenium containing compoundsPenchalaiah, NNarayana Swamy, G
28-Dec-2015Studies on the signal transduction pathway s mediated by herbal derived compounds in relation to its anti tumor activitiesRaghavendra,P. B.Kumar,Chitta Suresh
28-Dec-2015Alprazolam induced biophysical and biochemical changes in erythrocyte and platelet membranes and plasma in human volunteersKiranmai,A. HelahVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.