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21-Jan-2015Employment generation through rural industroalization during the post liberalization period in anantupur districtGovindu, KSathyanarayana, G
21-Jan-2015Impact of watershed programme on the living conditions of farmers a case study of kurnool district in andhra pradeshDastagiri, MJayaraj, M
21-Jan-2015Socio economic cpnditions of groundnut cultivators in anantapuram district of andhra pradeshMadhu, sudhana BDasartha, ramaiah K
21-Jan-2015The first stereoselective total synthesis of z cryptomoscatone d two and cu catalyzed distinct approaches for alkenylation and alkynylation of hetero arenes along with development of new synthetic methodologiesChinna reddy, GandollaBiswanth das
21-Jan-2015Synthesis and spectrochemical characterization of new azomethine metal complexes and biological dna studiesNoorjahan begum, TSri ramulu, J
21-Jan-2015An economic analysis public hospitals in andhra pradesh a case study of anantapur districtBhaskara, reddySathyanarayana, G
21-Jan-2015Cheminformatics tools in drug discovery and docking study using parallel computingSreenivasa, reddy P ESreenivasulu , reddy T
21-Jan-2015Synthesis and spectrochemical characterization of new schif base metal complexes biological activityNageswara, reddy GSreeramulu, J
21-Jan-2015Determination of transition metal ions by uv visible spectrophotometry studies on the color reactions of two hydroxy three methoxy benzaldehyde thio semicarbazone with some transition metal ionsPrem kumar, DRaveendra, reddy P
21-Jan-2015Impact of andhra pradesh state finance corporation apsfc on weaker section entrepreneurs in terms of their economic status a case study of kurnool district in andhra pradeshBharathi, RShoba rani, B