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19-Oct-2016Assessment of genetic diversity in Santalum album L by using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA analysis and development of specific primerSayed, Abdul AzeezNelson, R
19-Oct-2016Ethno pharmacological studies on some selected species of CaesalpiniaceaeRavi Kumar, ASubbu Rathinam, K M
19-Oct-2016Tissue culture mutational and genetic studies in Groundnut _Arachis hypogaea L_ to develop cultivars for high yield oil content and disease resistanceVenkatachalam, PJayabalan, N
18-Oct-2016Investigation of Eugenia jambolana and Elephantopus scaber for compounds with antidiabetic and antibacterial activityJasmine Jemimah Jeyanthi, RDaisy, P
18-Oct-2016Effective utilisation of tannery sludge or polluted soil through phytoremediationSakthivel, VVivekanandan, M
18-Oct-2016A study on antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of Costus speciosus _Koen_ SM in STZ_induced diabetic ratsEliza, JDaisy, P
19-Oct-2016Isolation and characterization of rhizobial strains from different environments for improvement of morphometric parameters nodulation and economic productivity in some legumesGhouse Basha, MVivekanandan, M
21-Dec-2018Transgenic studies to enhance the isoflavone content in Indian soybean cultivar Glycine max L MerrillTheboral J.Ganapathi A. and Manickavasagam M.
19-Oct-2016Transfer and expression of nptII and bar genes in Vigna unguiculata _ L _ Walp via Agrobacterium tumefaciensPream Anand, RGanapathi, A
19-Oct-2016Molecular characterizations of novel calcium binding GTPase _ CBG _ and calmodulin binding monoglyceride lipase _ MGL _ genes of Arabidopsis thaliana _ L _HeynhKandakumar, JVivekanandan, M