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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Oct-2016Theoretical spectroscopic investigation of some substituted alkynes and metal halides and investigations on the experimental spectral study IR and Laser Raman of a cyclic and a few hetero aromatic compoundsPragasam, SNatarajan, A
3-Jul-2013Synthesis, growth and characterization of some of the derivatives of thisosemicarbazone and thiosemicarbazide single crystals and triphenylphosphine oxide cadimum iodine single crystalSanthakumari, RRamamurthi
3-Jul-2013Studies on the growth and characterization of some optical crystalsParamasivam, PRamachandra Raja, C
3-Jul-2013Structural, optical and electrical characterization of indium tin oxide and aluminum nitride thin films for gas sensing applicationVasanthi Pillay, VVijayalakshmi, K
17-Oct-2016Director dynamics in nematic liquid crystalsGnanasekaran, KDaniel, M
3-Jul-2013Collision dynamics of bright and dark optical solitons in (1+1) and (2+1) dimensional nonlinear mediaVijayajayanthi, MLakshmanan, M
3-Jul-2013Estimation of physical properties of organic compounds using neural network–QSPR(quantitative structure-property relationship) modelsKrishnaraj, SNeelamegam, P
19-Dec-2012Theoretical characterization of specific fluorocarbon nanoparticles drug delivering agentsArockia Jayalatha, KRavi, S
19-Dec-2012Acoustic, thermodynamic and thermochemical investigations of molecular interactions in amino acids and amino sugarsArivudai Nambi, TPhilominathan, P
20-Dec-2012X-ray crystal and molecular structure determination of some piperidine and thiopyran derivativesBalamurugan, SThiruvalluvar, A