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13-Oct-2016A study on the industrial relations in cotton textile mills in Tamil Nadu with special reference to National Textile Corporation MillsBalakrishnan, GThangamuthu, C
13-Oct-2016Synthesis structure spectra redox and catalytic properties of copper II and bioinspired iron III complexes of tridentate 3N ligandsDhanalakshmi, TPalaniandavar, M
17-Oct-2016Sedimentological studies of sillakkudl formation _campanian_ of Ariyalur group Trichy cretaceous sequence Trichirapalli district South IndiaJacob, MChandrasekaran, V A
19-Oct-2016Cytological and tissue culture studies on withania and datura of South Indian floraThirupurasundari, GGanapathi, A
18-Oct-2016A study on advertisement in selected companies in IndiaLakshmanan, KNakkiran, S
17-Oct-2016Factors influencing the waterbird populations with special emphasis on the greater flamingo _Phoenicopterus ruber roseus Pallas 1811_ in the Eastern part of the great Vedaranyam swamp point Calimere wildlife and bird sanctuary Southern IndiaSumathi, TNagarajan, R
17-Oct-2016Phosphatidylethanolamine from phosphatidylserine decarboxylase 2 is essential for autophagy under endoplasmic reticulum stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMuthukumar, KannanNachiappan, Vasanthi
17-Oct-2016Implications of overdues on the resources of cooperative credit institutions and the member borrowers a critical studyRavichandran, KNakkiran, S
17-Oct-2016Physiological responses of Gossypiuiti hirsutum L to induced water stress and its alleviationStephen, JGeorge, V K
17-Oct-2016Household energy consumption pattern in rural area Thiruvarur District Tamil Nadu an analysisThandpani,VKarthikeyan, R