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20-Jun-2013Thermodynamic and transport properties of certain biologically important compounds in aqueous and mixed aqueous solutions of an electrolyteSahaya Amutha, PRosario Rajkumar, X
26-Sep-2012Removal of some metal ions and dyes from aqueous solution by sorption method using low cost activated carbonNandhakumar, VSulochana, N
26-Sep-2012Synthesis and characterization of some biologically active carbanionic sigma complexes and donor acceptor adducts derived from nitro aromaticsMalarvizhi, RKalaivani, D
26-Sep-2012Electroanalytical and electrosynthetic studies on cathodic reduction of derivatives of aromatic carbonyl compounds at Pt, C and Ni surfacesSivajiganesan, SKrishnamoorthy, T K
26-Sep-2012Key aspects of growth phenomena of nonlinear optic urea Thiourea mixed crystals in various solvents, with Dopants and their characterizationMariappan, MMadhurambal, G
26-Sep-2012Adsorption of metal ions and dyes using seaweedsJayaraj , RMartin Deva Prasath, P
25-Jun-2013Preparation , spectroscopic characterisation and biological studies of a few transition metal complexes with some bio-active LigansSurendra Dilip, APaul Raj, A
19-Jun-2013Electrochemical behaviour of biofilm on passive alloysSridharan, DPalaniswamy, N
25-Jun-2013Influence of some plant leaves extracts on corrosion inhibition of aluminium in alkaline mediumLakshmi Prabha, KShameela Rajam
25-Jun-2013Studies on the electrodeposition of chromium and its alloy from Ecofriendly Cr(Iii) Electrolytes and room temperature ionic liquids-RtilSaravanan, GMohan, S