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20-Dec-2012Vulnerability of prostitutes to HIV /AIDS and other health hazards: a sociological study in Pudukkottai districtJothivenkatesan, DThavamani, M
25-Sep-2012Biological activities of Limonia crenulata (Roxb.)Merinal, SViji Stella Bai, G
25-Sep-2012Studies on the Bryopsida (Moss Flora) of the Kolli hills in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, IndiaSahaya, S SathishS John Britto, S J
25-Sep-2012Investigation of Microbes on Decolorization and degradation of Textile Dyes and effluent and the subsequent evaluation on Crop PlantsSenthil Kumar, SRavi Kumar, R
26-Sep-2012A new oxidantn- bromonicotinamide: its synthesis, characterisation, oxidative kinetics of amino acids in aqueous acetic acid medium and biological activityPushpalatha, LVivekanandan, K
26-Sep-2012Investigations on the Photoinduced Interaction of Certain Porphyrins, Xanthene Dyes and Albumins with Colloidal CdX (X = Sulphur, Selenium and Tellurium) Semiconductor NanoparticlesAsha Jhonsi, MRenganathan, R
26-Sep-2012Kinetic, mechanistic, thermodynamic and equilibrium studies on the adsorption of metal ions and dyes by acid activated low cost carbonsHema, MMartin Deva Prasath, P
26-Sep-2012Crystallographic studies of nitrogen Heterocycles of biological interestDevi. PThomas Muthiah, P
7-Nov-2012Predicaments of the Jew as portrayed in the novels of Mordecai RichlerSadhana, GAyothi, V
26-Sep-2012A study on the individual investor behaviour in capital market with special reference to TamilnaduAnnal Lourdhu Regina, PSuriyamurthi, S