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1-Feb-2016Studies on migroorganisms involved in the treatment of petrochecmical industry effluentsDananagoud, HiregowdaraParekh, L J
2-Feb-2016Analysis of disease resistance in ricePrasad,Bishun DeoChattoo,Bharat B
2-Feb-2016Cloning and expression of a biosimilar chimeric monoclonal antibody directed against the human epidermal growth factor receptor and its production in CHO cells for treatment of colo rectal cancerMotiwala,Hatim MaqbulhusenMody,Rustom
3-Feb-2016Studies on biodegradation of caprolactam and biological treatment of wastewater and solid waste of a nylon 6 production plantBaxi,Nandita NShah,A K
3-Feb-2016Characterization of a methylotrophic bacterial consortium and its potential in treatment of industrial effluentsHingurao,KrushiNerurkar,Anuradha S
3-May-2016Development of a bench scale process for the treatment of nitrate containing effluentZala,Swati Narolkar NeeDesai,Anjana J
17-Dec-2015Targeted delivery of anticancer agents for the treatment of breast cancer and its lymph node metastasisRaju,Dantuluri PrudhviMurthy,R S R
29-Apr-2016Treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension by pulmonary drug deliveryTrchan,SoniaMisra,Amikanandan
29-Apr-2016Critical evaluation of effluent treatment plants and development of analytical models for reuse of waste water in central Gujarat regionMehta,Komal P.Patel,A.S.
29-Apr-2016Design and synthesis of novel compounds that are useful for the treatment of metabolic disordersDesai,PreetiJain,Mukul