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19-Nov-2014Studies on the antifungal metabolite production and biocontrol traits of Vigna radiate growth promoting strains of fluorescent pseudomonadsChaubey, SumantG Archana
11-Aug-2014Bacterial diversity and activity of semiarid soils of Mahi river basin Western IndiaSubrahmanyam, GangavarapuArchana, G
17-Jul-2014Role of small non coding RNAs in gene regulation in Escherichia ColiPandor, MahimaNair, Mrinalini
19-Nov-2014Study of structure and dielectric properties of 1 2 type modified barium niobates in bulk and thin film formsBishnoi, Bhagwantiben SMehta, Prashant K
19-Nov-2014Analysis design and implementation of reduced complexity and near optimal performance semi blind channel estimation techniques for wireless MIMO communication systemBhalani, Jaymin KantilalTrivedi, A I
19-Nov-2014Investigation of long term ageing in solid insulating material by studying the effect of variation of parameters and wavelet transform analysis on real time data on partial dischargeVibhakar, Chirag KKanitkar,S A
19-Nov-2014Cellular and molecular mechanisms of epimorphic regeneration in teleost fish role of fibroblast growth factor 2Annasamudram SaradambaB. Suresh
19-Nov-2014Effect of substitution at B site in relaxor Barium niobates an investigation on origin of giant dielectric constantShah, Devang DMehta, P K
19-Nov-2014Acyl pyrazolones and their structural analogues synthesis characterization crystal structure and studies on their bio active metal complexesVyas, Komal MJadeja, R N
25-Nov-2014Development and validation of simple and sensitive methods for the determination of active ingredients from pharmaceutical preparation using spectrophotometric and hplc techniquesRane, ShaligramSudhakar, P Padmaja