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13-Oct-2016Molecular evidence for the anticancer activity of plumbagin in BRCA1 defective breast cancerRakesh SPriya Srinivas
10-Apr-2017Studies on genomic diversity and genotype associated virulence factors in clinical and environmental isolates of Vibrio cholerae 0139 strainsBhanumathi RDurg Vijai Singh
22-Sep-2017Isolation and Characterization of melanoidin degrading microbial enzymesNeethu S KumarThankamani V
28-Jul-2017A Study of hippocampal neurogenesis associated with temporal lobe epilepsy and the role of Notch signaling in transcriptional regulation of Tlx3 a selector gene involved in excitatory versus inhibitory fate specificationIndulekha C LJackson James
26-Sep-2017Cellular and molecular profile of Non Hodgkin s LymphomaRadhakrishnan RRadhakrishna Pillai M
17-Aug-2017Molecular Characterization of 3 Hydroxy 3 Methylglutaryl CoA Reductase and 1 Deoxy D Xylulose 5 Phosphate Synthase genes from Andrographis paniculata Burm f Wall ex NeesSeetha KOmkumar R V
17-Aug-2017Genetic variation in wild gingersZingiberaceae for resistance to Pythium infection and analysis of differentially expressed transcripts in hosts with different levels of pathogen responseKavitha P GGeorge Thomas; Sugunan V S
17-Aug-2017Resistance Gene candidates from Zingiber spp Isolation characterization and expression analysisAswati Nair RGeorge Thomas; Soniya E V
17-Aug-2017Identification and molecular characterization of promoters and novel forms of genes with over expression in laticiferous system of Hevea brasiliensisSaleena AThulaseedharan A
17-Aug-2017Characterization Of Molecular Alterations In The Retinoblastoma Rb Gene In Oral CarcinomaAbitha MuraliKannan S